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Since Nov. 6th 2011 I have been depressed beyond belif. I got a divorce and thus ended the family and life me and my children once knew. Well all I can say many months later I met someone, he has truely been my hero. If he hadn't come around i'd still be crying and my kids wondering why mommy dosn't smile anymore. He brought me out of my shell and stepped up to be the kids dad! Yes, it seems I moved on a bit early. However, I have known him since highschool, so its we never lost each other!

So because of my prince charming, my kids are having a blast this summer! My 3 year old has had more fun just seeing momma smile! My 2 year old loves this man so much you would never know he is not the blood dad, but you ask us he is daddy! He has taken us on weekend adventures that take our mind of the fact that my ex-husband isn't going to support his kids or care about what happens to us. For once in my life I do not care!

I am happy just being me! We have gone swimming, fishing, four-wheeling (in my mini van) doing thing I once loved and havn't done because of the divorce. My kids finally get out, they have friends and are smiling too! So for anyone out there going threw divorce or sepration, hold on to that hope too! It will be better and the storm shall pass and you too will find joy again!

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sradie profile image

sradie 4 years ago from Palm Coast FL

I think it is a grand thing that you have found your man. Kids desperately need a father, and a whole family. I trust you are now able not only to love your man but, being relieved of the burden of loneliness, you are able to give your kids more love too. It is how God intends families to be. May you be blessed.

Felicia Carrillo profile image

Felicia Carrillo 4 years ago from New Mexico Author

thank you! yes they do need a father and I am very lucky I found this guy! HE stepped up and is a dad to them! thanks God bless you too!

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