Find Your Balance


Are your teens having difficulty finding a summer job, but no difficulty asking their parents for money? Try discussing with them that there is a cost associated with everything. The fact that they may be able to live with you as a parent(s), while unemployed is a benefit in itself. Let them know that there is a cost associated with everything. The money they ask for must be earned. They need to realize that their cell bill, food bill, and many other conveniences are being cared for, and what the cost is associated with each item. If you do give them an allowance, have them pay all or a portion of a bill; some type of contribution to the household. They will then become more aware the responsibilities that come with finance; the fact that part of your check has to go toward living  expenses. 


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     You and your teen will be in balance with  the needs of the household if they feel part of the team in making it happen.  They will become more financially fit and have fewer surprises when they transition and get out on their own.

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