The Five Best Baby Products


Having a new baby is one of the most joyous times of life but it can also be overwhelming, especially when shopping for baby products. You can walk into any store that sells baby products and see hundreds of options and brands for each item you need.

After having two little ones myself I have learned what works and what does not and have come up with five of my favorite items that I do not think anyone should have to live without. They are the five best baby products out there and I'm going to tell you why as well as where you can find them at the best price!

1. A helping hand for mom and dad.

Lets start with one of the newest and possibly best baby products on the market today; the Boppy Pillow! In case you haven't seen a Boppy Pillow it is a u-shaped pillow that you put around your waist. You then hold the baby in your arms over the pillow and it gives you that extra support needed to hold, feed, nurse, or rock him. You can also use it on the floor to help your baby sit up or have extra fun during tummy time. Whoever came up with this idea was a genius!

Its the best because it is one of the few products out there that under promises and over delivers. It has so many uses for you and baby. You can also purchase a huge variety of machine washable covers for it so that you can change up the look as often as you change your baby's clothes. One of the best things about the pillow itself is that it is machine washable! That is always a benefit when babies are involved.

The Boppy can be found at a lot of retailers but I found the best deal at Walmart for $27.00. The covers very in price from about $9.00 to about $20.00, depending on material and design.

For those that are more budget conscience there are several similar pillows on the market now that are more reasonably priced.

2. A whale of a bath!

Every baby needs baths, a LOT of baths. They can be messy little guys, so having a great bathtub is essential. I hated the baby bathtub I used for my first son so when I found out I was pregnant again I went on the hunt for the perfect tub. After months of research I found the Fisher Price "Whale of a Tub".

This tub is fantastic! It has what Fisher Price calls a "baby stopper" which is exactly what it sounds like. You place your little guy or gal in the tub and the "baby stopper" holds the baby upright so that they do not slip into the water. Why does that make it one of the best baby products? Because you can wash your baby without having to hold them up at the same time. The "stopper" is also more secure than the nets and other attachments that come with some of the other bathtubs out there (keep in mind that you still cannot leave the baby unattended while in the tub). Once your little bundle of joy starts getting bigger and sitting up on their own you can remove the "baby stopper" and it is just a regular baby bathtub.

There are a ton of different bathtubs out there for babies but I think this is the best of all of them.

3. Bedtime. Nap time. Anytime!

When your baby is small you want them near you all the time. They are so precious, sweet, helpless and oh yeah, lets not forget the fact that they wake up every two hours to eat! A bassinet is the perfect way to keep your baby close, safe and warm.

My favorite bassinet is the Kolcraft "Cuddle N' Care" bassinet. It looks like a classic bassinet with a hood and a mobile. It also rocks like a classic bassinet but it has some updated features that are really great. For example, if you need to move it you can pull wheels down from under the rockers and it rolls. The mobile also has some enhanced features like stars that light up; a variety of music, stories or nature sounds and even a button to vibrate the bassinet (a great feature if baby has trouble falling asleep). The only thing this bassinet doesn't do is rock itself!

As far as price goes, there is a huge difference depending on what retailer you go to. had the best price at about $100.

4. Time for a change!

One of the most overwhelming experiences with a new baby is walking down the diaper isle for the first time. Yikes! There about five or six name brands and then there is always at least one store brand everywhere you go. What to choose!

I have used several different brands of diapers, including store brands and the best product out of the eight or ten that I tried, is Target's "Up and Up" brand. It is about half the cost of the name brands and it has the best leak protection. I was impressed over and over again with the performance of these diapers and how well they protected my baby's skin. They may be inexpensive but they are not cheap. They also come in all sizes including pull ups so you can save money until your little one is potty trained.

A pack of "Up and Up" diapers runs between $14.00 and $20.00 depending on count.

5. Something to snuggle.

Toys, toys, toys! Every baby loves their toys and they all have one that they eventually get attached to and end up carrying everywhere they go, until the age of six. A great option for this is a toy made by Carters called a "Snuggle Buddy".

A "Snuggle Buddy" is a small blanket with the head and arms of an animal. They are one of the best baby products available because they are super cute and easy to carry anywhere. They are also very simple so they make a great security blanket because kids do not grow out of them too quickly. My oldest son still brings his everywhere, even though he is three.

Having a security toy is important for children because it helps them cope better in situations when mom and dad cannot be around. For example, if they go to a new daycare center or babysitter they still have a little bit of home with them, something familiar that reminds them that mom and dad will be back.

A lot of companies make these little toys but Carter's version is the best because it is machine washable! That is so great because no matter how hard you try, it will get filthy. I wash my son's about once a week and it looks brand new every time. has the best variety of "Snuggle Buddies" for about $11 each.

Having babies is one of the best parts of life. They are so happy, snuggly and sweet. However, they are also hungry all the time, in need of constant attention and very messy. The five baby products I spoke of in this article will help make those times easier to handle so that you can quickly get back to enjoying your little bundle of happiness, without feeling overwhelmed.

What is your favorite baby product?

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Johnathan L Groom profile image

Johnathan L Groom 5 years ago from Bristol, CT

I do not have children, but I am sure they are a delight!


Katya Drake profile image

Katya Drake 5 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Thank you for your comment Johnathan and for showing interest in my Hub even though you do not yet have kids. They are the best!

twoseven profile image

twoseven 5 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

I could not agree more about the Whale of a Tub! We have used it since our son was first born, and he's going on two and still likes to have his bath in it!

Katya Drake profile image

Katya Drake 5 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Twoseven, thank you so much for reading amd commenting on my hub! I'm glad your family enjoys that tub. I love it too.

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