For Many Teens Leaving is Hard, But These Tips Can Help

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Photo by Fatty Tuna of Flickr | Source

When moving customers, our trucks sometimes put a lot of miles between friends, between safe and familiar faces and places. In fact, many Durham movers report their trucks travel an average of 1,000 miles and more per customer. Too often, moving from Durham, or any hometown for that matter, can be a difficult time for teens in the family, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The best advice we can give is to communicate often and as early on as possible. Also, check out some of the following tips to help ease the transition and create a healthy exciting atmosphere for change to occur.

  • If you haven’t had one already, then call for a family meeting. Moving is one of the best opportunities for your family to pull together like never before to be a team. Put aside enough time to have a decent discussion and be sure to encourage everyone to talk.

    • Give as much decision-making power to your teens as possible. However, there is no reason to be a pushover here. In fact, most teens, and people in general, are more inclined to go along with a plan or direction when those plans or directions are clearly laid out. Be clear, assertive, but also be inclusive.

    • What items do they want to keep (and move) from their room? Teach them to inventory items so that they can make informed decisions. If this process is difficult for teens, then one approach you may want to try is to have them do one round of inventory for removing items they will not be keeping. A couple of days later they can do a second round. This approach will give them more time to get used to the idea of letting go of things and may ultimately result in less to move.

    • Be encouraging. Encourage the decisions they make that you agree with and give reasons for why you can’t agree with others.

    • Ownership of the process is the ideal. The more you can make any steps along the way their idea, the better they’ll handle them.

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Photo ny libraryman of Flickr | Source

  • Can you take a trip to the area to which you are moving? If so, then take the teen along and be sure to visit some of the fun or interesting places that you know they will like. If necessary do some research on-line before hand to find some interesting places to visit. Being a tourist in the town you’re moving to can be a great experience.

  • Be aware that, for many teens, isolation is a real danger when moving to a new town or changing schools etc. Be sure to get your teen involved in any kind of team that they may have an interest in. Sometimes even the most confident and social teen can have trouble making adjustments. Think community, whether it is sports, arts, clubs, memberships, churches, volunteer opportunities, etc. In the instances when participation might require a fee, this can be a very good investment.

  • If possible, throw a going-away party for the teen so that they can say goodbye to their friends. This can be a great opportunity to use up all the perishables in the fridge or cabinets so that you can avoid moving them.

  • MySpace and other social media may actually be your best friend in times like these. A great idea might be to encourage the youth to take pictures and document the move for their on-line friends.

  • Don’t forget to listen. It’s easy to make this mistake when you have so much going on. You don’t have to agree, but if all you’re doing is giving orders then teens don’t feel valuable to the process and may withdraw.

  • Even in the best of circumstances, moving entails a lot of change. Maybe you’ve heard it said that while we often get excited hearing about change and talking about change, actually making the change can be hard. Expect the challenges and embrace them as opportunities to make your family stronger.

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