Four Years Later...Here I Am!

My family 2014
My family 2014

Wow! Four Years? Really?

It's been four years since I've written anything for Hubpages. It's probably been about two since I have written anything at all. For reasons too numerous to list, my creativity took a long vacation without me. I would sit down to write and NOTHING would come out. I figured a break was in order. However, recently I could feel that desire creeping back in. Ideas stared to flow and my hands were itching to pick up a pen. It looked liked my creativity was bored with the vacation and decided to return.

I thought about a blog, but don't really have the time to get something like that going or to make it a good one. Maybe I will do that one day... As I was contemplating the various ways I could share my writing, I remembered Hubpages. I always found it an informative and creative place to be. So, here I am again. Some older members may remember me, but most others probably won't. You can get to know a little about me through my older writing or wait until my new stuff starts to come out...or do both. Whatever makes your heart happy!

It really is hard to. Believe that four years has gone by since I wrote anything here. A lot has changed in our lives during that time...some which will be the topics of future hubs so I can't spoil all the fun. But, here's a short update to get my creative juices flowing again.

I am 32 now. I am still married to my best friend. We are about to hit 13 years together and are very determined to keep that number growing. But, man! Marriage is a job that is never done. My youngest son, who, being deaf is the unknowing subject of much of my writing, is now 8 years old. He is finishing up 2nd Grade and will be starting a private school for the deaf in September. He is quite the character and has exceeded every expectation we had for him. Our oldest son is now 10 and starting his tween years. His life currently revolves around video games and All American Boy! Raising two adolescents is very different than raising small boys. They love showing us that everything we thought we knew about parenting is WRONG! Gone are my cute, adorable, cuddly little boys. They have been replaced with these small people that know what they like, what they don't, and everything in between. They leave me in constant amazement about their knowledge of how the world works. It has been a fun and rewarding time of parenting even though most nights we collapse from exhaustion. It's uncharted territory for my husband and I. Only time will tell if we are doing our job as parents. As long as we don't raise a couple of serial killers or psychos I will consider it a success!

I'm really excited to write again and to share it with others. I tend to write about a vast array of topics so I can't tell you what to expect but I hope someone somewhere can find support, information, and maybe even a little hope when they read my work.

I hope you will follow me as I uncover the buried writer within me. She's a little dusty and needs some TLC!

Until next time!


I am a big fan of constructive criticism. It always one a chance at improvement and advancement. Please leave comments, but you don't have to be overly mean! Mean people suck!

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Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 2 years ago from Houston, Texas

Wishing a hearty greeting to you upon your return to HubPages. You certainly have a good looking family there! Nice that your creative juices have resurfaced. Will look forward to reading more from you.

VirginiaLynne profile image

VirginiaLynne 2 years ago from United States

Glad to have you come back. Teach us what you've learned in parenting over the last 4 years! The good, the bad and the ugly--it all helps!

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