Fourth of July Activities for Toddlers

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Toddlers can enjoy 4th of July too!

Fourth of July is meant for all Americans to celebrate. It can be a bit challenging with toddlers, ages 1-3 years old.

Toddlers are busy little buggers, this is why we have to plug electrical sockets, lock cabinets, hide away medicine, gate off staircases, etc...between the ages of 1 and 5, your child is exploring everything.

During these years, your child is forming many important and vital emotional, social and cognitive skills.

Because 4th of July can be a dangerous, loud or scary holiday to a young child, finding activities for toddlers is important not only for them, but to help relieve stress from your family celebration.

Here are some simple activities to keep the little ones occupied, while making sure everyone is happy, safe, and having a great time.


Sparklers can be okay with supervision!
Sparklers can be okay with supervision! | Source

Fun activities to do!

  1. Take your toddler to your local fireworks display. Be sure to bring a comfy blanket to sit on, and earplugs in case your child is scared by the noise.
  2. Burn off sparklers in your yard (with supervision), but young kids love burning sparklers. Just be sure to explain the rules and safety when using these.
  3. Decorative face painting is fun with 4th of July themed images. Red, white, and blue flags, stars, stripes, anything you can think of.
  4. Singing songs together is another great idea, our National Anthem, Yankee Doodle, America the Beautiful
  5. Bake 4th of July cookies and cakes together
  6. Have a dress up, encourage your toddler to wear Red White and Blue, no matter how silly a combination they come up with.

Fourth of July books for toddlers

Reading is good no matter what the season or Holiday. But here are some great books to help your little ones understand one of the most important days in US history, the day our country was born!

  • F is for Flag by Wendy Cheyette Lewison, illustrated by Barbara Duke
  • Fourth of July Mice! by Bethany Roberts, illustrated by Doug Cushman
  • Hats off for Fourth of July by Harriet Ziefert, illustrated by Gustaf Miller
  • Eloise and the Big Paradeby Kay Thompson, Hilary Knight, and Liza McClatchy, illustrated by Tammie Lyon
  • Happy Birthday America by Mary Pope Osborne, illustrated by Peter Catalanotto

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