I Write - Therapy, I Am.

As a stay-at-home married mother of two, I often find that the only real relief I get from the daily grind of household chores, the constant demands of attention, and just the sheer exhaustion from the lack of sleep, is when my family are all sleeping safe and sound.

Although I do feel a smidgen of guilt for feeling this way, often due to inside or outside influences, there are many factors that can rob you of the joy of spending time with your family. It's times like these that I turn to the greatest and most cost-effective therapy - Writing.

In addition to being free of charge, writing possess the potential to buoy spirits, collect thoughts, and calm nerves. Out of the few close friends I hold dear, writing is considered one of my closest and dearest.

In contrast however, writing is the only friend that won't quickly tire of me, won't tell me to "be quiet already", and won't brush my thoughts aside as meaningless mumble jumble. It allows me to take a deep breath and exhale every single thought, feeling, and concern on paper with anonymity.

No judgments, no queries, writing just lets me be.

So with a small play on words - I write, Therapy I am.

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\Brenda Scully 7 years ago

this is lovely and well written

Veronica Allen profile image

Veronica Allen 7 years ago from Georgia Author

thank you so much for your feedback

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