Organic Baby Supplies

Organic Baby

There are many ways to raise a healthy baby. Keep your child free from harmful herbicides and pesticides with organic food, bpa-free baby bottles and sippy cups. Choose BPA free toys for your child.

Educational Toys

Cotton is the most heavily pesticide-intensive crop grown in the world. Cotton is subject to infestation, and therefore many growers heavily douse the plant in harmful pesticides and herbicides.

When you buy organic baby products, you are limiting your exposure to pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals. Organic Baby Toys are a safe alternative for your child.

Green your child's nursery with organic cotton toys and bedding. Choose organic baby clothes made from pure organic cotton. Organic baby food, organic baby clothes and organic baby toys will protect your child and give them a head start.

Organic Crib Mattress

Organic Crib Mattress
Organic Crib Mattress

Organic Baby Clothes

Organic cotton is a safe material for your new baby. Organic cotton keeps your child free from harmful chemicals during the developmental stages.

Organic cotton is safe for the delicate skin of a new baby. Organic baby clothes are available in a variety of cute and trendy styles.

Organic Baby Food

Organic baby food is free from chemicals, toxins and dangerous pesticides. Give your child a healthy start with all natural organic baby food.

Organic baby food is becoming more and more popular with new mothers. Herbicides and pesticides can have a negative impact on an infant's development.
Organic baby food is pure, rich in nutrients and free of harmful chemicals.

Organic Cotton and Non Toxic Baby Toys

Organic Baby Toys are a safe alternative for your child. Organic baby toys are free from lead, herbicides, pesticides and other harmful toxins.
Keep your new baby free from lead, chemicals and other dangerous toxins with organic, lead free safe baby toys.
There are plenty of non-toxic, eco-friendly choices from teethers to plush toys.

Pixel Organics

Pixel Organics provides modern, eco friendly infant products. Pixel Organics features products that are made in the USA, and certified organic.
From modern organic bed sheets to organic baby clothing, Pixel Organics is a safe, toxic-free product for your baby.
Looking for unique baby gifts? Pixel Organics makes a great baby shower gift.


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