Guide To Buying Baby Clothes!

For parents awaiting a new baby, there is a lot to think about. Which clothing to get for the baby is one of them. For some this would be a fun time, but for most there will also be alot of questions. Which clothes to get? How many of each? Which size? What color? This guide is here to help those who find themselves in this position, whether your a parent or a friend of a parent. This page will contain tips on buying clothes, how to compose a wardrobe and other useful tricks.

Wardrobe For A Baby

The Basic Wardrobe

- 8 underpants

- 8 onesies

- 4 long sleepsuits

- 1 set of wooljacket and -pants

- 1 windproof overall

- mittens without thumbs

- 2 caps (wool at winter, cotton in the summer)

- 3 blankets in wool

This is what is recommended as a basis. After this you can fill it up with whatever other cute clothes youd like.

7 Tips On Baby Clothing

Only buy a few clothes at a time

Remember that your baby doubles it weight the first 5 months of its life and therefore rarely even gets the chance to wear out the clothing you buy for it, so buying clothes continuously is wise. Not only does that allow the kid to grow in it, but it gives much space for the baby. One should rather buy the clothing a bit too big than the exact size.

Buy Clothing On Sale

Infants rarely are picky about what they are wearing, as long as its comfortable, so if you could buy last years clearence clothing for cheap then go ahead. There are some risk in trying to predict what size your baby is gonna use for its seasoned clothing, but things like basic year around clothing like onesies is okay to buy as they are gonna fit sometime. If you are buying clothing before its born and you dont know its sex, consider unisex clothing. Drop colors like babyblue and pink for the moment.

Video Showcasting Baby Clothing

Tips For Washing

You are going to be washing your babies clothes alot and i reckon you won’t be doing it by hand. Check that the clothes you buy can be machine washed. In addition, always follow the instructions for the clothing about how to wash them, it will last longer. Consider buying more neutral colors as those clothes with too bright colors will have to be washed seperately. Consider getting washing powders or liquids that are made for babies. These are generally milder soaps which are better for the sensitive skin of the baby. Use pre-stain sprays for those hard to tackle spots.

A Baby Likes To Be Comfortable

Most parents have a bad habit of dressing the baby too much. A tip to check if the baby is warm enough is to feel the back of its neck. If its warm there then it is properly dressed. Jackets and sweaters should be wide and have more than enough space for the arms, that way its easier to put on and the baby can move more freely. Its important that the clothing for the baby is practical, so dont go looking for clothes purely on how they look. You should pick popper buttons over normal buttons, putting the clothes on and off will get alot easier. In addition should one want to favour one-pieces over two-pieces, especially with feets attached. Babies don’t like those strings in the pants tightening on their bellies.

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Be Creative With Old Clothes

As the baby grows, it will soon become too big for some of the clothing you have bought, but that doesnt mean you should throw it out. If the sleep suit is getting too short, cut of the feet. Pyjamas that have sleeves and legs can be cut off and used in the summer. Jeans can be made into shorts. If there is something that has to be thrown out, you should rather donate it though.

Consider Fabrics

When babies are in the mothers womb its skin is protected and when it is born it wont take much to irritate it. Fabrics like cotton, wool and cotton velour should be the inner layer to keep the baby comfortable. in addition are there other factors to consider like the clothing must be flame-retardant and should not have rough stitching.

Hope you found this guide helpful and good luck in finding clothes to your newborn :)

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great hub - i agree with everything! it's nice to see other mothers who believe in second-hand clothes.

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I bet even more mtohers believe in second hand clothes with the economy the way it is now. Nice hub.

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