As a mother of five, yes five, I have had to go through a lot of crying. When I was at a cookout on the 4th of July, one lady there had a baby that would just not stop crying, "oh, she's hungry, "oh, she's bored, " oh, she just wants to be held" everyone had advice to give but nothing worked. I offered my diagnosis, which was extremely accurate but since I am younger than the lady, I don't think she wanted to believe that I knew better than she and did not follow my advice. The baby was sleepy!!!

My advice for the sleepy baby that is fighting sleep is very simple. Place your baby in their carrier type car seat, put the seat at your feet on the floor, place your foot under the edge of the car seat, and bump seat constantly with your foot until baby goes to sleep. This sounds really self explanatory but some people just never think of it. This way of putting baby to sleep is very convenient because you still have free hands to do laundry, paperwork, or even just hold the remote. Plus when baby gets to sleep you can easily move the carrier wherever needed without waking baby. Plus great for your calf muscles!!! just remember to alternate legs so they get even muscle tone, LOL.

OK, next bored baby. Believe or not babies get bored too. And how could they not? They can't walk, talk, or anything, really. When your baby is bored, try changes of scenery. I have read that babies like black and white type colors to look at better than tons of rainbow type colors because of the contrast. So place some pictures of contrasting black and white with geometric shapes around where you have placed baby, it will be like going to an infant museum. Another tip, is to place baby on floor on belly, blanket preferred under baby, (only when awake, remember back to sleep!!!) place different toys around on blanket and let baby practice lifting head and rolling over. Baby may just get such an amazing workout with this activity, that naptime will become a breeze!!!

The hardest of all, STOMACH ACHE BABY, as many know a baby with a stomach ache can be one of the hardest challenges of the new parent. Signs of stomach aches in babies will sometimes including the baby pulling legs to stomach area while screaming, wanting to suck when full, and just constant high pitched wails. The thing about this baby is there is really no easy way out, you will have to work baby through it but there are thing syou can try to make this less traumatic. First, babies seem to like to suck when they have a stomach ache because it seems to sooth them. But give baby a pacifier if you have already fed them because getting too full right now will just make baby's belly hurt more. My babies wouldn't hold pacifiers in their mouth on their own, so when they had a belly ache, I would hold baby across my chest, normal hold a baby way, turn their face toward my chest and place pacifier in mouth keeping the pacifier held in their mouth with my chest while leaving me able to hold baby close so they could feel secure while rocking them to calm them down.

You may also try placing a water bottle with warmer water in next to babies belly while baby is lying on its side. But be sure you are watching and that bottle cannot be tipped and spilled, etc. The trick I used the most was to sit down with legs spread enough for babies chest to be placed on on knee and bottom area on other knee with belly hanging in middle, so not to put pressure on a painful tummy and bounce my knees while patting baby's back. This will soothe baby while hopefully breaking up any gas bubbles in baby's belly giving awesome relief.

I hope this information will help other mom's. Excuse my grammar if it was not correct because I was trying to get this onfo on in a hurry. If anyone has any questions on babies and would like my advice you can leave a comment on this hub about what you are needing and I will try to write up a hub specifically addressing your concern. Everyone be aware I am not a doctor just a mom with 5 children who thinks I could share some things I have learned through trial and error with my children.

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Sam  7 years ago

Thank you this was very helpful!

April 7 years ago

Thank you for this- VERY helpful! I am 22 years old and a first time mother of 1 beautiful little girl. I've never taken care of an infant before, and didn't take any prenatal classes or anything. I'm going purely on natural instinct. But my 3-week old has just started having an upset stomach immediately after eating and it may last an hour or so. I'm beginning to think she is colicky, but I don't know that for a fact. She burps 2-3 times throughout her feedings (up to 4oz per feeding) but she always tenses up and acts as if she is in pain. I switched from the Similac Advance Early Shield to the Similac Sensitive until I find out what to do otherwise. I've also used the gas drops as well which seems to help a lot... but this really helps to know how else to comfort her. I really appreciate it!

Also, as far as formula... do you have any suggestions as to what I should look for? I automatically leaned toward to Similac Advance Early Shield because it says it it most like breastmilk, and when I saw that was what they had at the hospital, I figured it would be a good choice. I want her to benefit as much as possible from the best formula for her, but I have no idea what to look for. The pediatrician told me that Similac Sensitive would be fine, but I think it's just because he didn't want me switching from brand-to-brand and tearing her up more... any suggestions?

cristinab profile image

cristinab 6 years ago Author

Hi, sorry about taking so long to answer, hadn't been on in a while. I really don't have any suggestions, though. I got lucky on that one. All my kids used enfamil, and did fine. Hope you find something that helps.

jennifer 6 years ago

I need some help! In my opinion my 2 week old little boy seems to have a belly ache. he crys and pushes like he is going to the bathroom but never does. The only thing that seems to put him at ease is breastfeeding him. I have tried walking him, a pacifier, everything. Is there anything you could suggest?

Brittany 6 years ago

I have a son that will be 2 weeks on the 7/8 and i was wonderin if you have any advice on how to calm him with a belly ache. The only thing that helps is when hes on my breast but I'm afraid that its making it worse.

gas drops is the best solution for babys with upset stomachs 3 years ago

gas drops is the best solutions for babies with upset stomach

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