Help Us Fight Child Protective Services

If You Think This is Not a Real Problem, Just do a Little Research.

There are thousands of videos on youtube, it is unbelievable what these people get by with. I think CPS (child protective services) which means DCFS & Catholic charities here in Illinois, should be completely abolished and start over from scratch. I also feel that a lot of them should be prosecuted and imprisoned.

If you are a murderer, rapist, or thief you have the right to a jury of your peers, but in family courts you have no right to a jury because if we did there would be a hell of a lot less kids in foster care. Then these programs would not have the resources to your tax dollars

The state of Illinois is known to be one of the worst states for taking your babies and selling them. Of course we are talking about Illinois. This state is one of the worst, if not the worst state for being corrupt. But quite frankly it is everywhere.

Do you know that when a child is taken from foster care and adopted (especially babies) Illinois and all other states, make a lot of money. When I confronted one of their workers they told me that they don't get money from the federal government, they get grants, duh, "The last I checked a grant was money". .

Please do our children a favor and google, CPS (child protective services) or corrupt CPS and see what comes up. It is unbelievable what they get away with. The children that are in need of being taken, are not. Hell that would be too much work. and the poorer you are the biggest chance you have to have your children taken. They don't want you to be able to afford an attorney and heaven help you if you need a public defender. you might as well just sit back and do nothing, you will get further that way than you will with most of the public defenders that are assigned to family court, if they do anything they lie to you and work against you..

They are all in it together, the social workers, judges, child protective service workers, the counselor, all of them work for the state and they are all out to take your children and ruin our children/grandchildren lives and ours.

I feel for the CPS workers.that try to do the right thing. I don't imagine they last too long in the profession and I am sure they are few are far between. I have a friend that works for a big drug rehab program (she is a counselor) and she refuses to take any case that is involved with Child protective services. She said that is she did a positive report for a patient the CPS worker would change things around and twist her words to fit CPS's purpose so that it would look bad for the client that was working to get their children back. I also know a couple of other people that have dealt professionally with CPS and they say the same thing, that they have had similar experiences.

Of course most attorneys are not willing to take on these people, because they know they are fighting a losing battle. So you get the worthless public defenders that don't care, hell they work for the state, they make their measly amount of money no matter what.

My opinion about "maybe not all" public defenders are worthless. They don't care about our children, they are just there for the paycheck. Especially the older people because they aren't good enough to be lawyers and besides let's face it, it is too much work that is why they are public defenders, they can look and act like they are running on 2 cells left in their brains and that is ok because that is what family courts want representing the accused which in a lot of the cases are actually the victims of our corrupt ran state of Illinois.

Nancy Schaefer exposes the EVIL CPS search this on You Tube, Go on there and search her name "Nancy Schaefer" and see what she had to say about "child protective services" you will not believe it. She was a senator in Georgia and lost her seat because she was going after the low lifes. A couple of years ago she and her husband were found dead. Hmmm...wonder why that would be? I did not know her personally but my heart goes out to her family. I am sure she and her husband are truly missed. But just what I have researched about her, tells me that she was a wonderful woman and she was on a mission to save our children.

If saving our children is not reason enough for you to read about the corrupt child protective services, then read it because your tax dollars are supporting this.
How has this gotten so far out of hand. These so called Case workers need to be investigated to see what kind of background they come from.

SAVE OUR CHILDREN!!!! please, sign petition below.

Here are some facts about Child protective service

Different states have different names for these organizations but they all boil down to the same thing. THEY STEAL OUR CHILDREN!!!

I am not saying that there are not real cases where children should not be taken out of the home for their own protection.

What I am saying is that, they like to take children from happy secure homes. Do you know that these organizations get paid for taking your children? YES! they do

Please take the time to google the laws below, you will be stunned. But you will have a better understanding of why they steal our children and grandchildren. It is all about the money

Public Law 93-247 known as the Mondale Act of 1974.

Public Law 96-272 known as the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980

Social Security Title IV-E funds

Here are the statistics and sources to support these facts:

Number of Cases per 100,000 children in the United States. These numbers come from The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) in Washington.

CPS- Physical Abuse (160) Sexual Abuse (112) Neglect (410) Medical Neglect (14) Fatalities (6.4)

Parents- Physical Abuse (59) Sexual Abuse (13) Neglect (241) Medical Neglect (12) Fatalities (1.5)

If you are a parents or guardians of minor children you really need to check out this link below. You may be losing your rights as a parent.

What is your opinion on Child protective services

After reading this article, do you believe the Child Protective Services need a complete restruction

  • Yes, I believe there are a lot of corruption
  • No, I think they do a wonderful job
  • Not sure
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MarcyL04 profile image

MarcyL04 19 months ago from MIdwest smack dead in the middle of corn country LOL Author

i apologize for not getting back with you much sooner. I have been very ill so have not been on my page. I imagine your issues is resolved one way or another already. But, if for some reason it isn't, I have to say that I am not an attorney. I have witnessed and have done a lot of research on the subject of CPS. Unless your daughter is into something really serious, I don't think they will bother with her. After all, they can't put her up for adoption and make money so my guess would be, everything will be fine. I wish you well and hope all works out for your daughter.

Shawnette murphy 20 months ago

Well its not really commit its more of a question I guess. Well let me tell you the situation. My seventeen year old daughter finally come to live with me after her and my mother got into it physically she had been living with my parents since she was nine yes old well once she was here she finished tenth grade before she met this thirty yr old man. Well I caught her sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night to go stay the night with him. Well after three weeks of non sleep. (This. Was after she turned seventeen) I called the sheriff and the sheriff told me that there wasn't anything they could do because she was to close to b eighteen. Well after nine months of her living with this man I get a call by my daughter stating that I needed to come get her or Cps was taking here well I dropped wat ibwas doing to go get her just for them to take custody of. Her the very next day at court.( she had court for something else) my question is iin two parts 1. Y would they take custody of her when she is two and half months away from her eighteenth birthday. 2. If she wasn't removed from my house y do I have to cooperate with cps

Babynick24 22 months ago from Huntington,IN

I am going through a really hard time, my children were removed from my care in may of 2013, I am still fighting to get the kids back, the father of my oldest got custody and she is separated now from my other two children. They got me with some false allegations that are not true. I am fighting it, I have a TPR court date Feb. 10. 2015.

MarcyL04 profile image

MarcyL04 23 months ago from MIdwest smack dead in the middle of corn country LOL Author

Cindy I am so sorry that I have not seen your post my gosh it was almost 2 years ago. I have been very ill and in and out of hospitals and surgeries Cancer, foot surgery and the list goes on and on and probably much worse now than I was when i started. So my hub pages have taken the back seat to everything else.. But I was on here a few months ago and don't know how I missed your post.

My god I hope your situation has turned around since then. I understand the "worst heartache" you are describing. The one thing about CPS and the government is they are all in on it and are very crooked, if not then they don't last long in that system. I know you are probably well educated in it all by now.

I still believe that all of this is what started my health issues. starting with open heart surgery and it has been downhill every since. So whatever you do try to take care of yourself so you can be there for them.

ONce again I am so truly sorry I did not see your post or else I would have gotten back with you the moment I did. "Like now but 20 months later"

IF you feel like it plz let me know how things are for you now. I am hoping all is well and your family is back together. I know mine isn't and my life and structure of my family will never be what it should have been. I still have a broken heart but want to be around when a couple of my grand daughters will be old enough to meet me.

susan reyes 2 years ago

I live in Alabama and got my granddaughter when she 15 months old and caps came in and took her at age 7 yrs old and took her from school gave her back to mother and told me that it wasn't because of anything that I had done it was because the mother wanted her back and Iddidn't

LAw Offices Of Vincent W Davis And Associates 2 years ago

Need Help Fighting CPS Or DCFS

Check out

There are tons of resources there to help you learn how to do it..

Help Fight Child Protective Services.. And Win!!

Lea Williams 3 years ago

Hello Marcy,

I remember reading and commenting on this link 16 months ago and you told me to be careful because I live in Illinois, and that they are very corrupt. I wish I had moved now, because you were so right. I had the misfortune of meeting a person who wanted to cause trouble for me, well before I knew what this person was capable of or what they were like, I had made the mistake of telling them about the harassment my daughter, husband and I endured at the hands of DCFS. I should not have, because it gave him the idea for what he did a couple of months later when he wanted revenge for a perceived wrong: he called DCFS and made up horrible lies about me. Those included him saying that I had locked my daughter in a closet and tied her up, as well as illegal drug usage. What did they do? They assumed that because I was in their system previously, that every word he said was true! And they took my daughter the same day he called! I have been fighting ever since to get her back, even though the charges were unfounded! The only thing they could put down was "risk of harm" which you and I know means they know no actual abuse went on. I have been drug testing for months to prove he lied (my daughter's word was not good enough, she had never seen us do drugs even though he claimed we did them in front of her!)... they sent me to have a drug assessment which stated that I needed no treatment, they have done nothing but lie and twist the truth, and I would tell anyone having trouble with child services to move out of state so that they will leave you alone because they are CROOKED!

Margaret 3 years ago

I believe child protective services is corrupt and need to be stopped as soon as possible

christian 3 years ago

ive lost 6 of my children to cps and i might have ben in the wrong but cps went out of there way to make things so difficult for me it was inposible for my children to be returned to me. when i had my visits with them they would ripe my children off of me cus my kids would scream and didn't want to go with them. now its ben 13 years sinse ive seen or any thing about my kids

cindy 3 years ago

I to am a victim and not a very happy one, on the 31st of January my granddaughters were taken from their parents I call cps back within 25 minutes and she did not answer the phone so by the time I figured out that cps was calling on behalf of my grandchildren well needless to say they were place with friends of the family and cps would not take the time to change paperwork and I told cps worker I tried to call and she say oh my phone was on vibrate I signed all papers for background check and all release papers and the court date was on the 15th of February and the lawyer for the children did NOT even know that I (Nana) was interested in the children staying with me until they were able to go back to their parents and now the next court date is on March 15th and these children have always been with their mom and dad on holidays and now they are with "friends of the family" well up until now the children haven't seen these people within a year these people never went to open house's for school attended birthday parties, holidays etc. I am so frustrated and heart broken and my grandchildren are wondering what I did wrong because they can't come and stay with me 1st the cps worker say I can see them then she say no so I have only seen the children 1 time since January 31st and they "always" came and stayed with me on weekends, but like I always did say that cps is NEVER where they should be and ALWAYS where they shouldn't be, I am not stopping until this cps worker is never going to be able to cause such grief onto such innocent children and I have never had my heart ache the way it does for my grandbabies, if anyone can offer any advise or point me in a direction it would be so greatly appreciated, I have contacted the Governor but they called me 1 time and have not heard since, so I am going to Congress, President of US, and going from door to door telling my story (nightmare) and have a petition signed, this must not go on!!!!!!!!! Thank you and may god watch over all the children and my heart goes out to anyone else who is going through this.

Dee Brooks profile image

Dee Brooks 3 years ago

To live a nightmare when it comes to your family and the cps it is heartbreaking and frustrating to see how our government allows social workers that have been trained to take children without feelings of any kind to destroy families for a profit it's time to wake up sometimes I wonder if this is the country of the free when it seems like it's not free when it comes to cps. I know one thing for sure the system wants a fight they well get one from me my family is going to not go through another moment of these cps workers taking destroying and leaving tears and hearts broken family in their wake.

MarcyL04 profile image

MarcyL04 4 years ago from MIdwest smack dead in the middle of corn country LOL Author

I am not sure what happened to all my comments I had..but as always, I welcome any comment or feedback. :)

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