Hey Girls! Be Smart, Not Stupid! - Hub 13 - Summary


The content of this chaptered article of information is intended to enlighten and encourage young girls by promoting mentally and emotionally healthy attitudes in preparation for adulthood.

The content is written for general knowledge and is not meant to replace or supercede parental or professional guidance.

Any words you read that you don’t understand…look them up in the dictionary! It will help expand your vocabulary. Oh, and when you are finished... read it all over again!

The entire article is broken into hub chapters to make for an easier and more interesting reading experience. It's best to start at Hub 1 - Introduction and proceed to the next hub chapter by clicking the link at the end of each section

Hey Girls! - Hub 13 - Summary


Well, now that you have read all 13 chapters of this Hub article you must read through it again. During the second time you read it make notes on the subjects that apply to you the most. Make a list of those topics that you need to do further reading on or research at the library or on the internet. Please do this even if you think you only want to prove this information wrong…you will still be learning something.

There is too much factual information available now for so many teenagers to continue to get into the types of troubles that have been discussed. The reason for this involves today’s teenagers thinking they are better, smarter, and stronger than those who were teenagers before them. The fact of the matter is today’s teenagers are actually weaker and dumber. Why?, because all of the facts regarding these troubling issues are practically common knowledge today. The generations of teenagers before you did not have this much information. Ignoring the facts or thinking they just don’t apply to you is just plain STUPID.

If you are not going to make an effort to work towards a respected and productive adult life there is no one to blame but yourself. There is plenty of straight up information here to at least help you to start thinking about your future. Again, there is nothing wrong with being a straight up person. The teenagers of today are this country’s leaders and doers of tomorrow! You are the future mothers of America! And those of us who are middle aged now are depending on good information like this to help save our young people so that we can feel confident about our own futures as elderly citizens living in the U.S.A.

                                        ALL THE BEST FOR ALL OF YOU!

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RK Sangha profile image

RK Sangha 4 years ago from USA

Thanks for such a timely information for all. For a better future.

GoGranny profile image

GoGranny 4 years ago from Southeastern PA Author

Thank you! These kids today need all the advice we can give!!

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