Holy Rackafratz! 101 More Funny Swear/Cuss Word Alternatives

I realized, about two minutes after posting my last alternative cuss hub, that I had left way too many goods ones out! So here's another 101 great words and phrases, with no repeats, that you can use instead of cussing. Enjoy!

  1. Holy Frijoles!
  2. Beans and Rice!
  3. Fish Nuggets!
  4. Sugar Babies!
  5. Pluck a Duck!
  6. Curses!
  7. Butter Beans!
  8. Charlatans!
  9. Avada Kedavra!
  10. Sectumsempra!
  11. Blimey!
  12. Dirt Nap!
  13. Monkey Poo!
  14. Nut Bunnies!
  15. Crapola!
  16. Cheese and Crackers!
  17. Crud!
  18. Sugar puffs!
  19. Flameā€™s Alive!
  20. Botox!
  21. Oh, Fish Hooks!
  22. Quotation Marks!
  23. Effervescence!
  24. Holy Macaroni!
  25. Pantalones!
  26. Lightning Bugs!
  27. Dragonflies!
  28. Chronicles of Narnia!
  29. Didgeridoo!
  30. Pigs in a Blanket!
  31. Sweet Peas!
  32. Sweet Gherkin!
  33. Smurf It!
  34. Dragon Ball Z!
  35. Chiz!
  36. Grizzle!
  37. Holy Humus!
  38. Bob Saget!
  39. Kite Strings!
  40. Son of a Bleep!
  41. Firecrackers!
  42. Balderdash!
  43. Botulism!
  44. Bangkok!
  45. Pimento Loaf!
  46. What the Gummy!
  47. Cheeseburgers!
  48. Gobbledygook!
  49. Jabberwockies!
  50. Son of a Squeegee!
  51. Shish Kabob!
  52. What in the Blue Blazes!
  53. Kitty Whiskers!
  54. Trouty Mouth!
  55. Sticky Wickett!
  56. Fairy Godmother!
  57. Blurg!
  58. Shiatsu!
  59. Lord, Love a Duck!
  60. Sugarfoot!
  61. Arrgh!
  62. Son of a Turkey Fart!
  63. Justin Bieber!
  64. Exploitive Deleted!
  65. Snot Buckets!
  66. Ice Cream!
  67. Tabernacle!
  68. Good Gravy!
  69. Pumpernickel!
  70. Frazzle Fart!
  71. Sweet Niblets!
  72. Oh My Stars and Garters!
  73. Holy Kachow!
  74. Holy Guacamole!
  75. Holy Rusted Metal Batman!
  76. Fried Green Tomatoes!
  77. Milk and Cookies!
  78. Bad Word, Bad Word, Bad Word!
  79. Hot Diggity!
  80. Monkey Flunker!
  81. Shamalama!
  82. Mother Hubbard!
  83. Blasphemy!
  84. Snicklefritz!
  85. Razzleberry Dressing!
  86. Dirty Rackafratz!
  87. Donald Trump Hair!
  88. Rasputin!
  89. Flabbergast!
  90. Holy Shnikies!
  91. Jinkies!
  92. Shtuff!
  93. Shnoodles!
  94. Gravity Works!
  95. Snap Dangity!
  96. Baloney Sausage!
  97. Oh My Sainted Trousers!
  98. Profanity!
  99. Bullfrogs in Heat!
  100. Ramen!
  101. Malkovich!

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Comments 11 comments

stestifie profile image

stestifie 5 years ago from Sin City

I am always coming up with other words for my kids to use other than the bad cuss words. Thank you for coming up with so many more my kids can say!

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 5 years ago from New York

Good job -- my favorite is "suckerfish". Voted up.

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago

Nice job with this! I am all for alternatives!

lsin82 profile image

lsin82 5 years ago from Houston

This is actually funny but very useful. As someone who once cursed like a sailor (being a police officer has that affect) I have now become very conccious of the words that I allow to come out of my mouth. Sometimes you get into situations where you have to say something to express those emotions, and biting the tounge can only last for so long. Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely put it to use....

I Am Rosa profile image

I Am Rosa 5 years ago from Canada

My ex-mother-in-law says, "OH! Shoot the cat!" when she's angry :-D

My mom never let us get away with even alternative cussing because, "It's not the words you use, it's the intent behind them."

Thanks for these lists - and for the follow :-)

thost profile image

thost 5 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

This is a good list. Here is some old ones.

Fiddle sticks

Sweet FA


Stella44 profile image

Stella44 4 years ago from Ohio

this is hilarious! I think I can use some of these words--I say "fooey" sometimes :D

euphemist profile image

euphemist 4 years ago

ha..the bob saget one made me laugh out loud..

Hi 2 years ago

My my, I will be using these often! Wow! Thanks!

Ali 13 months ago

D bag

EM 3 weeks ago

I use shpooy and son of a hairy goat!

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