Housewives with children should earn a paycheck!

 When is someone with the financial committee going to recognize homemakers with children and start to compensate for the daily duties that are more difficult than most 9 to 5 jobs? In this day and age, the only thing not considered a job is homemakers. It is a job that most want to avoid by going to an outside position. My husband is priviledged. He gets to leave the house and actually be around adults. I am at home cleaning, managing finances, and educating/playing with our daughter who is two. It is sad that the government sees fit to pay people when they do not even have a job, but homemakers are overlooked. I feel one of the problems is that our female congress and representatives who have children, also have a nanny. Possibly even daycare. Maybe if they were to actually trade in their briefcases for clorox and dirty diapers, they would write a bill. Paying stay at home mothers would significantly reduce the recipient numbers of welfare because then the income could help those families. Since the beginning of time people have said to take care of our mothers', yet these are the exact women who are being run over. Think of the daily routine of a homemaker with child. In the morning changing diapers, making breakfast, cleaning and dressing yourself and child, watch cartoons, mid-morning start the room to room cleaning, wash crayons off wall, laundry, floors, make lunch, change a few more diapers, play with child, afternoon start with dinner, cleaning again, bills, more dirty diapers, homework with other child, bathtime, read stories, play some more, clean some more; all the while tolerating whining and not always perfect attitude from child. This is a very hard position to fill. The merit behind raising a child and performing the mentioned tasks( some not included) should reap some compensation. It is possible that the homemakers with children could come together and petition, lobby, march, even write to their officials asking for a bill to earn proper pay for the job performed every day by women across the world. 

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Mom 7 years ago

Very interesting idea! I definitely agree, stay at home moms work harder than most! The joys are too great to mention!

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