How I Persuade My Toddlers

I have 2 year-old and a 4 year-old. Persuading them to do what they'd rather not do comes down to advertising. At least, that's the term I use, and my wife agrees.

We present the option as if it's the greatest thing in the world, with lots of positive tones in our voices, with words like 'so good' and 'daddy and mommy like it this way, too'. We are working on their need for positive experiences and their desires to be just like their parents.

Example: My 4 year-old doesn't want to eat his mixed vegetables. So we 'advertise' a tasty sauce that can be added to the dish. He gets excited about it because we are excited about it. Once we mix in a little ranch dressing, or Worcestershire sauce, or hot sauce, or vinegar, or whatever we had in mind, he can't get enough of his mixed veggies.

The same applies to activities other than eating. By presenting what we want to happen as a new and amazing idea, the two of them are ready to participate. The whole process is painless for us and beneficial for them.

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