How To Tell If Your Teen Is Using Ecstasy


Ecstasy is a drug that has become quite common in use among teenagers. Ecstasy is a man-made drug, generally manufactured in illegal home laboratories, which can make it extremely dangerous because you never know what additional dangerous chemicals the drug maker may include in the mix. Generally taken in a pill form, this illegal substance gives users an increased sense of euphoria and is also known to heighten sexual arousal.



If a parent is attentive to their child's natural behavior, it should be quite easy for them to tell if their child is taking ecstasy. There are key signs that you can look for that are present with any drug use, and there are additional signs that are indicative of the use of ecstasy. A parent that is involved in their child's life should easily be able to spot whether or not their teen is abusing ecstasy, or any other drug.

  • If your child suddenly starts to exhibit unusual bursts of euphoria or exhilaration, this can be a sign of ecstasy use.

  • Users of ecstasy often show no worry or concern for anything in life, and are continually happy. While this of course is not always a signal of drug use, if your child normally does not act this way, and shows other specific signs of drug abuse, you should pay closer attention to what they are doing and how they are acting.

Watch Out For Depression!

On the other hand, users of ecstasy can also suffer from extreme depression. This generally is brought on during the "coming down" phase of using ecstasy, as the drug starts to work its way out of the system. The depression will generally come after the intense bursts of euphoria. This depression can be mild or extremely severe depending on the level of and length of time the teen has been using ecstasy. Studies have shown that teens that are long-term users of ecstasy can suffer from severe, debilitating depression when going through the "coming down" phase.


Ecstasy abuse often leads to a case of memory loss. If your child suddenly starts having a hard time recalling events, or remembering things on a short term basis, this is another sign of ecstasy usage. If your child has never had memory issues before, this could be a sign of ecstasy or other drug use. Also, if your child suddenly develops sleeping issues, you should be on the lookout as well. Ecstasy causes an increase in both heart rate and blood pressure, which can cause insomnia and other sleep related issues.


Finally, keep a close eye on your child's physical appearance.

Users of ecstasy often appear to be:
  • Sweaty, a side effect that is caused by the increased blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Your teen may seem dizzy and off balance or look like they are getting ready to faint.
  • Weight loss
  • Skin breakouts
  • Sore jaws from the teen constantly grinding their teeth together.


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hi 6 years ago

hi good show

iloveyou 6 years ago

there is a guy i really like and he does ecstasy i even had a dream about him doing that and my dream came true and i want him to stop it but we barley talk and i don't want him to tell me to leave him alone or anything like that even if he doesn't want to be with me i want him to be healthy in his life and doing this drug is making his appearance look different i want the old him back.

iloveyou 6 years ago

there is a guy i really like and he does ecstasy i even had a dream about him doing that and my dream came true and i want him to stop it but we barley talk and i don't want him to tell me to leave him alone or anything like that even if he doesn't want to be with me i want him to be healthy in his life and doing this drug is making his appearance look different i want the old him back.

mac meezy 6 years ago

Thizz is what it is

kaybaybay 5 years ago


momof04 5 years ago

Its sad to me that teenagers are so insecure with themselves they feel like its no big deal to take thizz. It is a big deal and life is meant to be great, its what you make it, naturally!

..! 5 years ago

Dude most parents these days don't give 2 shits about their sons or daughters

KandiKid 5 years ago

Rolling is the shit!

It makes you want to everything!

mom 5 years ago


lizz 5 years ago

this is ridiculous and provides NO accurate information whatsoever. it could MAYBE help you identify if your child is rolling, but what teenager decides to roll at the dinner table. they are not going to be around you. most of the things you describe in this article is what they will be like when they are rolling. more accurate information would include an increased love of electronic music and ranting and raving about how good it is and how it makes them feel, if they are not eating or have trouble sleeping the day after a party or concert, if they start acting differently than they have before. take it from someone who has used it, it does change your life. and i have my shit together with a 3.8 gpa in college about to graduate and work for the UN. this article is bullshit. talk to your child. if they are over the age of eighteen all you can do is warn them about the dangers and hope you raised them well enough that they will make the right decisions.

addict 5 years ago

hi i don't want to reveal my name but im an ecstasy user, ive been using it for about 2 years now and im 14, i need help, i drinking when ever i get the chance, i havnt been home for about 2 weeks now and ive been having sex since i was 12, ive had sex about 5 times this year, i have a 3 month old son hes name is jacob, i want to be there for the mother but i just keep running away. my parents are hoarders and are both addicted to alchahol.

Alej 5 years ago

How exactly is this video disturbing, far as I see it says many positive things about it, actually there was no negative comment whatsoever.

carlman2 5 years ago

Ill be rolling people, keep in mind this article is very inaccurate being that we can most certainly keep obvious effects to ourselves. It serves as a warning. A word of advice is just drug testing and even "e" stays from 1-4 days making it difficult to catch on to. Stop wasting your time and be real. If you are a good parent, you won't over concern yourself in drugs and you won't spark the interest of your children. Overdose is of major concern, or the rougher drugs like pcp, methamphetamine, cocaine, etc. Otherwise, being overly paranoid will only make matters worse.

anonymous 5 years ago

so i just watched that video.... if anything people will want to do it more after they talk about it lol and im assuming that the focus of the video is not to endorse it... so that's funny as hell, u cant go asking any person who has tried it because they will not give a bad report. people just don't understand haha

XTC 5 years ago

rollin is my life, theres no controlin ;D

PLUR 5 years ago

Yeah this article is fucking bullshit. Your kid isn't gonna be rolling at home with mommy and daddy. Be aware if they take a liking to electronic music and blast it all the time, they talk about raves alot, after a when they come home after a night out they're in a horrible mood and won't eat, there eyes may still be dialated (it's happened lo me) they complain of being sore or their jaw hurting or that they bit they're tongue or cheeks, they may say they're tired and didn't sleep all night yet can't sleep, they might have kandy bracelets or gloves that light up or flashing binkies or have a new interest in glowsticks. If then do it often they will start losing weight. They might spend large amounts of money and not be able to tell you what they spent it on or say they spent it on food. Not might also find vix or vix sticks in there room. If they're on it while around you they will be talking a lot and fast and talk about emotional things and tell yo how much they love you and be rubbing soft things or touch themselves, not inappropriately. They might be listening to music and dancing and singing and staring at flashing lights. They're pupils will be huge and they will drink a lot of water and chew gum vigorously.... trust me i've done this stuff so many times

newton 5 years ago


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PLUR ! 4 years ago

Rolling is tha mothafuckn Shite!! xD

The1thatHuntsEdealers 4 years ago

To all of you that roll,thizz,pop,or whatever you kids are calling it now prolonged ex use will take every bit of joy out of your life don't care who u are or how mentally strong you think you r ex makes your brain release chemicals that would only release if you were laughing having sex or just accomplished Something that makes you really happy so when ur not on it your ability to laugh or even have orgasms dunning sex damn near impossible. Imagine a life where u saw Something really funny that u think is funny but cant laugh or a banging a really hot slam piece and not being able to get a nut off. Yea would suck balls don't do it to yourself if you value sex laughter or another enjoyment I'n you life. if not just do us all a favor and off yourself now it will save u alot of pain and misery because you will be doing it nomatter what once you arrive to the point that you can feel orgasms of laugh


Stranger 4 years ago

Does it look like I give a shit what you say get a life buddy and I have a I bumped into your mother last night at the movie theater. Guess where I bumped into her the front or the back

lol 4 years ago

e is literally the best thing ever. if you don't want your kids to be happy (which is what e does) then you don't love your kids :(

high kid 4 years ago


Take pills, smoke weed, get drunk and snort coke with us.

With Love,

Your kids

AcidLion 4 years ago

Man oh man were those white doves in the picture good. In any case, rolling is amazing. It's as if you just won $100million and so did every other person in the room, suddenly you're connected to literally everybody at a base level. You let your emotions take over and explore how you feel about anything and everything with no shame. Not to mention the fact that you just feel absolutely great. It's wonderful If you keep it to like once a month. But when you start having to eat 10 tabs to feel anything, and you're doing it on a semi daily basis, you lose the magic. That's why I had to quit. I'll always have a soft spot for the love drug though =)

Cal 4 years ago

This article is nowhere close to all the symptoms of ecstasy. Just goes to show how little our parents know.

cryorlaugh 4 years ago

So tell us what are the real side effects or symptoms as you specified?

Mr.Mackey 3 years ago

Drugs are mad mmmmmkay.. Don't do drugs mmmmmmkay.

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