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A newborn baby will rely on the parents to support the neck for the first 4-16 weeks. When the baby is born the neck muscles are weak as they have not needed to support the weight of the head whilst in the womb. Therefore this gives the parent the perfect opportunity to really bond with the baby as they are completely relied upon.

You should be extremely carefull when handling a newborn baby, as any quick movements or jerking can lead to serious damage. When passing the baby you should ensure that the head is supported at all times as well as the underneath of the baby.

A baby should be able to hold and move its own neck comfortably by the time he/she reaches 6 months old. Some babies are able to support their necks quicker than others so do not worry if other babies of the same age appear to have stronger neck muscles than yours.

You will learn from the birth to the 6 month period how much support you will need to give your baby regarding the neck muscles. After 2 months you should see a good progression with the neck muscles whilst laying down. The baby will be able to move the head from left to right and soon after this should be able to lift his/her head from the ground.

Extreme caution should be taken when feeding a newborn baby, especially when it comes to burping them. Burping a baby is more difficult in the earlier months because you will need to support the head at the same time.

Car seats should not be used untill the baby is able to take full weight of the head for a long period of time. You should see the manufacturers guidelines and ask your midwife any questions regarding car seats.

It is only when your baby has sufficient neck muscles that they can move onto doing the fun stuff! After the 6 month period, when muscle has strengthened you will start to see your baby begin to sit up, and then to crawl.

There are lots of things to look forward to but it is absolutely crucial that you give your baby the proper support needed in the early months. Do not force someone to hold your baby if they do not want to do. Do not leave your baby unattended with somebody who has no experience of handling babies. Do not leave your baby unattended full stop.

Heres to happy times :0)

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