How to Build a Diaper Cake Without Rolling Diapers

Froggy-themed diaper cake I built with my mother-in-law
Froggy-themed diaper cake I built with my mother-in-law


You will need:

  • a partner
  • Approximately 100 diapers (2-3 packs)
  • a 5-pack of themed onesies
  • 3-5 small flannel receiving blankets
  • a roll of wide ribbon
  • 3-5 extra-large rubber bands
  • miscellaneous socks, toys, small gifts
  • 3-4 cans of varying sizes for establishing a base- formula cans work well
  • a topper (stuffed animal, bathing mitt, etc)
  • a staper (heavy-duty fabric stapler works best)
  • packing tape

Step Two: Laying Out the Diapers Like Dominoes

The diapers are layered with the designs hidden for a clean look.
The diapers are layered with the designs hidden for a clean look.


  1. Choose the largest can to use for the circle shape
  2. Lay out about 10-20 of the diapers like dominoes that have been toppled.
  3. Pick up the small length of stacked/laid out diapers, and wrap them around the can. Have your partner ready with one of the rubber bands.
  4. Lay out several more stacks of diapers (repeating step 2), and proceed to tuck them under the diapers that are already wrapped around the can, allowing them to join the circle around the can. Your partner will need to stretch the rubber band around the new stacks as they wrap.
  5. Once you have formed a horizontal circle of diapers around the can, it is time to tuck little surprises, such as rolled up onesies and receiving blankets, between the layers of diapers. If you find that your bottom layer is too small in diameter, you can make it larger by wrapping receiving blankets around the can in the middle.
  6. After the circle is complete, with your partner's help, wrap the length of ribbon around the layer, covering the large rubber band. The ribbon should be wrapped as tightly as possible. Your partner should be ready with the stapler to attach the two ends of ribbon to each other.
  7. Use another piece of ribbon to tie a large bow, then attach it with the stapler to the ribbon seam securing the layer.
  8. Use a smaller can to form the middle layer. Repeat steps 2-7.
  9. Form large loops of packing tape to attach the middle layer to the bottom layer.
  10. Top layer: It's best to use an empty can for this, and certainly the can should be the smallest. Empty sample cans of formula work best here. Repeat steps 2-7.
  11. Place the topper inside the empty can supporting the top layer.

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jeanie.stecher profile image

jeanie.stecher 6 years ago from Seattle

Yes!I once made a diaper cake for my daughters baptism. Anything you can do without the rolling diaper. And a lot was amazed with my creation.

Daena B. profile image

Daena B. 6 years ago from Wenatchee, WA

I've never seen this before! It seems like a great idea!

Freya Cesare profile image

Freya Cesare 6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

Interesting idea. I never know people made diaper cake.

craftipatti profile image

craftipatti 5 years ago from Des Moines

Here is a twist to the traditional diaper cake--a motocycle diaper cake! If you are interested in how to make it please visit my hub at



sunbun143 profile image

sunbun143 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Great and informative hub! I loved the diaper cake I received that was made in this way. It sure beats taking the rubber band off of each diaper before using it (I also got diaper cakes made in the traditional way). Thank you for writing this hub.

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