How to Baby Proof Your New Home

Baby and child proofing is an essential process to any parent in the course of their move. In fact, this is probably one of the few things one should do before anything else. Keeping your child safe is important and baby proofing your new residence is a critical part of doing just that.

Below are tips from a Moving Company for a few areas in your new home that should be given special and immediate attention:

Stairways: Always make sure that the top and bottom of the stairs have a secure baby gate when small children are present. When you need to remove these in order to ensure easy moving, make sure the baby or small child is being watched by someone trustworthy and who can keep them away from the stairs until the gates go back up.

Windows: Use childproof guards on all the windows in your new home. Windows that open more than about four inches are considered to pose a hazard to small children and should be guarded appropriately. Even windows on the first floor should be child proofed in order to keep wayward children and babies from accidently slipping-or falling-out unnoticed.

Window Blinds: If your new home has window blinds make sure that the cords and strings are kept out of reach. Small children especially love to play with blind cords so it is important to either keep them out of reach or remove the blinds all together in favor of a less hazardous window treatment. Experts recommend that a child's bed or crib never be put under a window with blinds.

Outlets: The most common concern of parents with small children are the outlets and the fear of electrocution. When moving into your new home make sure you have a general idea of which outlets will be used when and how often. For those that are used constantly covers would be the appropriate child proofing measure but for those that are used rarely, outlet plugs should be used. Any of these are difficult for children to remove and safe to use.

Cleaners: Because moving can be a messy process the family will likely do a lot of cleaning. Make sure that your cleaners are always out of reach of the baby or child as all of them are dangerous when ingested. As most parents know, children are inquisitive by nature and will likely try to help but it is important to always keep an eye on where your cleaners are and keep them stored out of reach.

Child proofing your new home is an essential part of moving in for many families. If it is at all possible or convenient, leave young children and babies with a trusted family member or friend while the heavy lifting is being done. When such a thing is not an option, many parents invest in play pens in order to keep their child entertained, safe, and generally out of the way. Just remember to make sure that everything is secure and the baby and child proofing is done first thing and not as an afterthought

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kittyjj profile image

kittyjj 4 years ago from San Jose, California

I was thinking about writing a hub with the same title as yours. But when I searched and found your hub. You did a great job on presenting your hub. Very informative and the layout of your hub is fun and easy to follow. Voted up and useful. And I love those babies, so cute!!!

Well, now I need to think of something else to write. ;)

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thank you kittyjj, it was a fun hub to put together and definitely an important subject to share tips on! Look forward to your spin on the subject if you do your own.

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