How to Introduce Music to Our Young Children

Music can express moods and feelings and is an enjoyable part of all our lives. Can music influence and enhance a child's development? Research has shown that exposing babies and young children to a wide variety of music can have a pronounced effect on their developing brains. During early development connections and pathways in the brain are formed which are strengthened by use. Listening to music helps to develop and strengthen these connections which can help intellectual development.

Research has also shown that classical music can help to improve spacial reasoning, at least temporarily. It is thought that this occurs because of the complex nature of classical music which forms pathways in the brain that are similar to the ones laid down when using this type of reasoning. In addition to listening to classical music the same types of connections appear to be made when a child learns to play an instrument and the effects on spacial reasoning in this case seem to be even longer lasting. Although these effects are most noticeable when listening to classical music a lesser effect is also seen from all types of music.

Music can also have an effect on a baby or young child's moods. We can use it to gently lull a baby to sleep or to stimulate them to learn or play. It is a great idea then to introduce music to our children as early as possible with as wide a range of styles as possible. Playing music to children is great but using interactive musical toys is even better! There are many different ways to do starting with musical play mats for babies and moving on to individual instruments as they grow.

One musical toy all children love is a drum set. Don't settle for a cheap, tinny sounding drum but look for better quality drum sets that actually produces a melodic sound that won't be annoying to everyone around! A Remo drum set is an excellent choice and they also produce different types of drums including a Djembe drum and gathering drums on which two or more children can play together. These types of drums produce different tones depending on where on the drum head they are struck. Children will learn the basics of tones and rhythm and have fun at the same time.

Remo Kid's Percussion 14 inch Hand Drum in Rainforest Design (Age 5+)
Remo Kid's Percussion 14 inch Hand Drum in Rainforest Design (Age 5+)

This is a great Remo drum set with 5 hand drums with pre tuned drum heads


Another great way to introduce music to toddlers is with musical hand bells. These are very easy to use for small hands and, with the aid of simple song books, even small children can produce melodies and song. They are also good for a group to play so would be ideal for kindergarten or for a family to play together.

For older children a keyboard specially designed for learning can be used. These types of keyboards have color coded keys to make playing songs easy and they can make up their own melodies. They do not have to be expensive, a good quality learning keyboard can be found for under $30.

Schylling Musical Hand Bells
Schylling Musical Hand Bells

Bright easy to use musical hand bells!

VTech Little Einsteins Play & Learn Rocket Piano
VTech Little Einsteins Play & Learn Rocket Piano

A fun light up keyboard and four different musical activities.



Musical toys are perfect for babies and children and we should try to introduce music in as many ways as possible. All children love to make music and, by introducing it early in their lives, we can foster a lifelong love as well as help them to develop intellectually while they have fun.

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