How Parents Can Maintain a Positive, Good and Healthy Relationship With Teenage Kids - Tips for Parents with Teenagers

Teenage Kids

Angry Teen. Needs more support.
Angry Teen. Needs more support. | Source

Teenage - The age that annoys parents

One thing that annoys most of the parents is the Teenage of their kids. The age which hates questioning, and loves more freedom. Kids of this age don't like their parents advicing them or monitoring them.

Should the parents give up their responsibilities? Of Course not. Giving up responsibilities will make the things more worse, that it may some time lead to the complete destruction of the kids life in future. So, how to tackle the situation?

Be Friendly with them from the Beginning.

Trying to act like their friend, once when they attain teenage is not going to help. Be your kids first friend, right from the beginning. Create the trust in them. They should have the feel that you are the best person in the world to share anything under the Sun.

Be Expressive and Open to them.

Express yourself to your kid. Don't try to hide your tears or laughter from them. It is OK to let your kids see your tears. Nothing bad in that. This will create an emotional bond between you and your kids. But don't try to use your tears as your weapon. That will not work always for you.

Involve your Teen kids in Budgeting.

Keep them in the budget meeting of your family. Let them know what you earn and how much expenses your family has to meet every month or year. This will give them a fair idea about cost of living and the expenses faced by the parents, that is You.

Support them morally.

It is human nature to commit mistakes once in a while. Don't shout at them.This is not going to help in anyways, except fuming their anger further and hatred towards you will grow more. Instead, show them your support and care. Help them to recover from their past mistake. Make sure they realize that what they did is a mistake, but in a gentle way, that they should feel for that and holds your hand for support.

Have an eye on their Friends group.

To do this, you should be a friend in your kids group. By being a friend to all your teen kids friends, it would be easy for you to track your kid, but in a way that your teenager won't feel it bad or get hurt.

Wish you all the very best for a healthy relationship with your Teenage Kids.

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vicki simms profile image

vicki simms 6 years ago from northamptonshire

Thanks for the insight to teenagers, my daughter is 8 and it wont be long before she is a teenager and for years I have been worried about her hitting the teenage years and how I will cope so this has given me some tips so I am ready!!

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Dear Vicki Simms, thanks for your first comment (ever in my hubpages history).

Wish you a good luck.

bobby  5 years ago

thanks for the info :)

pere fruebi 4 years ago

i read through your article iand i think its just worth reading and can be applied in trying to relate with my teenage group.

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