How to Make Your Own Baby Headbands With Large Flowers

Headbands With Large Flowers

In my first baby headband article I showed how to make baby headbands with small flowers.  Since then, I've made several more and am so in love with the oversized flowers!...which is a trendy look right now in fashion for babies, toddlers, and young girls.

I have some photos shown below from headbands for sale on Amazon which show just how adorable babies look with big flowers on their heads!  Soooo cute!!

This pink headband is my first attempt at making a baby headband.  

BABY HEADBANDS small, medium, large
BABY HEADBANDS small, medium, large


SAVE MONEY!  Instead of buying all of your props, easily make your own baby and toddler headbands to use in your photography sessions.  Buy some flowers, a hot glue gun, and a package of knitted headbands from Wal-Mart or your local super store.

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