How to Secure Your Children from Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Public Service Announcement

Recently one incident made me think about this subject. Can you Imagine an incident in which a two and half years old girl been sexually harassed by a human being? This happened not in a European Country. You are well known about the Gods own Country and the same incident happened in Kerala before couple of weeks. I was shocked after knowing about this incident. This moment I feel ashamed of myself to be a citizen of this place. News about sexual harassment is new thing. But be aware of the cheating digs that may occur in your life.

In Kerala Girls and women have being suffering different harassment in their life. The most wondering thing about that there is no separate law to prevent these types of incidents here. Some are getting bitter experiences from their working atmosphere. Unfortunately even small children are becoming victims of these brutal sexual harassments.

Let me narrate the incident that I pointed out in the beginning. This happened to a poor family (father, mother and a small girl aged 2 and half years). They haven’t any proper home or shelter to live. Earning a living with the money getting from selling scraps. This family used to sleep in the veranda of some shops or something like that. Even though they were poor they were happy with what they have.

One night a human being (I can’t imagine that he is a human being) took this small girl while here parents were in deep sleep. That rascal raped that girl and during this brutal incident she lost her life. Next day morning parents unable to find their daughter with them. After searching they found the lifeless body like a rose flower which been scattered into pieces. No mother in this world can bare this. She became unconscious and the poor couples lost their world.

Incident became Top box news in Papers and police investigate with full speed. At last police got the man who did the heart breaking brutal murder. Law gave him the ultimate judgment of Death.

Just think about this incident. World is going from where to where? These kinds of incidents may occur in your life too. So we have to be well prepared to resist and have to make sure sexual harassment won’t happen with our children. In my opinion parents can do lot more things in this regards than any other one.

First of all there should be a good relationship between parents and their children. Whether it is boy or girl they should be in an atmosphere that they can share their problem with parents. If children get this kind of treatment from home, it will be a great relief and courage for them. Let your children speak freely in any of the matter in their life. Start things from the family itself. Make your children aware of the situations and let them be responsive. Mothers can do lot things in this.

Some may not know what to do in some bitter situations. For an example, there is a chance of harassments for girls while traveling in busses. (In krala bus is the major mode of transport) Most of the times girls used to keep silent and this will be a paved way of encouragement for those men who involved these dirty deeds. Just think about the point that I mentioned above. If the girl responds quickly for this misdeed, other people will know about the misbehavior and they can bring that man in front of law. So make sure that your children are bold enough to deal with these kinds of situations.

Never allow your children to stay with strangers. We can expect sex harassment even within the family. So be more careful in this regard as well. We have to take care teenagers. This is the age where there used to occur sexual attraction towards the opposite gender. This is the perfect time to give sexual education to your children and it will be so effective if they got it from parents itself. Don’t feel shame in this regard. Explain your children about sex in a manner that they can understand and this will be so influence in your children as well. If you are reluctant to give information in this subject, they will definitely try to get it form out side and it will not be as safe and secure as yours. So first of all maintain a good relationship with our children and after that you won’t feel any sort of hesitation to give them the best sexual education.

Another major area where you have to keep an eye is on Internet. This is a medium where we can connect with this entire world. Internet is a good source of information. You can use it in a manner to get better knowledge. But this same World Wide Web is also proved that sometimes it may become disastrous as well. In this hi-fi life structure this may became a villain in your children’s life. Online friendship is common nowadays. There are so many cheating and harassment going on through online. So your children must be aware of the good and bad side of internet. Never allow them to be an addict of computer or Internet.

Education is the tool that parents can use in a useful manner to avoid all sorts of harassments that may occur in the life of their children. So use this tool in a manner that they can realize a situation and act accordingly. Let us hope for Bright future of Children. Because they are the one who will be leading the next generation.

Thank You

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Aeman A profile image

Aeman A 8 years ago from New York

That is a very eye opening hub. Thanks for sending out this message. Unfortunately, nomatter how modern and civilized our community gets, there will still be these kind of cases which is not impossible but is hard to prevent from. Girls and women from worldwide not only in some countries but from all over the world are being raped, malested, harrassed. There are alot of organizations that are trying their best to prevent and stop them from happening but again, it's all about the person herself reaching for help. Children should be taught by their parents, how to call for help or try to defend themselves as much as possible and as soon as they can. Women should not tolerate the harrassment for anybodies sake but should help themselves and be role model for other women.

Again thank you for sending out this message!!

sukritha profile image

sukritha 8 years ago from Cochin Author

Yes Aeman, here in Kerala women are feared to respond. I think we need more counseling in this matter so that all are aware of the dangerous situations. This will help us to prevent these types of things

Thanks for the comment


arpita 8 years ago

i am a mother of 7 yrs girl i get afraid seeing and reading such type of reports .Thanks for ur article such intraction with teens is very essential .Counceling of parents,children and police is very essential .No of councelling sites should be more than porn sites.

sukritha profile image

sukritha 8 years ago from Cochin Author

Hi, Arpitha. First of all thanks for your comment. It is true that these types of incidents are really fear making. As a mother of 7 years girl, you are more concerned. Of-course the councelling sites have to be there. Govenmnet have to do more things in this regard

driverslicense profile image

driverslicense 8 years ago

thanks for the great hub and information!

MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 8 years ago from Sydney

You have forcefully taken our attention to this nightmare. I hope the parents you mention have the faith to sustain them in their grief.

Thank you

sukritha profile image

sukritha 8 years ago from Cochin Author

Yes Marmadale, this is a serious issue and we all have to take it in a sense so that the sexual harassment towards children comes to an end. This is not an easy task. Day by day the ratio is increasing. Women are suffering tortures from their workplace. We need a system to decreas these kinds of dirty deeds

MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 8 years ago from Sydney

I can not agree more.

Have read about the Father who has forced his kidnapped daughter to have 7 children by him? This is whilst is is hidden in the cellar

sukritha profile image

sukritha 8 years ago from Cochin Author

Marmadale, thats what I have mentioned about dangeorous situations within the family itself. And about this FATHEr What can I say. He is not a father He is a born criminal. Isn't it?

MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 8 years ago from Sydney

I think a lobectomy and jaild for life would suit him well.

sukritha profile image

sukritha 8 years ago from Cochin Author

Yes Absoulutely !!!!!!!! He Deserves that

Princessa profile image

Princessa 8 years ago from France

Excellent hub; awareness of the subject is very important to avoid these situations. Most of us don't like to think about such a terrible thing, but hiding it does not make it dissapear. Women should learn to face sexual harrasment and not stand it quietly.

sukritha profile image

sukritha 8 years ago from Cochin Author

Thank you Princessa for the comment. As you said awareness is the best medicine for this, so that we can respond accrdingly. Otherwise people would be in dilema that what to do next. When something comes towards the attention, we should help others too.

Thanks again for the comment

naresh_19812000 profile image

naresh_19812000 8 years ago from New Delhi, India

Nice eye opener hub sukritha...actually the thing is parents' attention pays a very vital role in such a case, if both the parents are working and they are not able to pay much attention to what the kid's activity is at home it is going to be problem, but you cannot keep a faith on someone, as always said prevention is better than cure, so be aware and keep your children aware...and that will help us a lot from our child being harrased.

sukritha profile image

sukritha 8 years ago from Cochin Author

Hi Naresh, Thank you for the Comment. The mentioned situation is very crucial and the working parents' case is really a matter of concern. As you said Prevention is better than Cure.

Tabish 8 years ago

A great article for a noble cause. I agree with the person who commented that more of such articles should be present on the internet than porn sites.

sukritha profile image

sukritha 8 years ago from Cochin Author

Thank you Tabish for your comment. Ya that comment is really significant

susi tanto profile image

susi tanto 8 years ago from Jakarta, Indonesia

Sukritna, good article.

Was pass on your article to my friends for save their children.

sukritha profile image

sukritha 8 years ago from Cochin Author

Thank you Susi.

buy absinthe 8 years ago

great info thank you

buy absinthe 8 years ago

great info thank you

anishvk profile image

anishvk 8 years ago from god's own country

It is really a must condumn story. It is really an eye opener for our children to think about precaution towards theirs' very life. Your humble effort is appreciable, and the advise you provided.

teeray profile image

teeray 8 years ago from Canada

This is a great hub - on a topic few want to talk about - I hope a lot of people read this and teach youngsters how to protect themselves

claude stone 8 years ago

i think these persons are evel and mentally derange to think that they can get satisfaction from these kids this is so low i think they should be killed when they commit such a heartless act ,personally as a father of3 kids if any of my kids are put to this cruel deed that person can concider himself or her self [dead].

ibu 7 years ago

Shameful thing that man shuld be puneshed very hard ..Like remove his cloths put honey on him n live him i forest were Kerala has many forest r sorry to use this word (his piness shuld be choped)

Maria 6 years ago

I need to speak up about this. Being a sexual harassment victim myself when I was a kid, I have never been in such a normal relationship with men (I am now a 27 years old women). I am low self confident, let myself over and over into sexually exploited relationship, have no normal image about sex (either disgust it or obsessed with it). I have never got any proper psychological treatment for this since my parents are quite ignorant (my family is in the low to middle economy class which still very much struggle with day to day life). All in all I feel the need to share so that people can learn from my experience especially the parents who will read this. Now, I am helping myself with a lot read of psychology and spirituality. I hope for brighter future :)

sham_roky profile image

sham_roky 6 years ago from qatar

hi sukritha ur the right girl

sharath sr profile image

sharath sr 6 years ago from india

sukritha,u r absaloutely correct,even no in this modern day's sexual harrasment....its getting vulger.....any way u r also from cochin,am in cochn too!

thank's for the tip,

take care.

meharkarim@hotmai profile image

meharkarim@hotmai 6 years ago from karachi

u r absaloutely correct

theindianblues profile image

theindianblues 6 years ago from Some where on the Globe

Informative hub! Voted up and marked as useful. Thank you

yyn1221 profile image

yyn1221 6 years ago from China

Girls and women from worldwide not only in some countries but from all over the world are being raped, malested, harrassed. There are alot of organizations that are trying their best to prevent and stop them from happening but again, it's all about the person herself reaching for help.

Sathyan 6 years ago

Hey Sukirtha.....

wishing u cud do more "Sukirthams"

raghavendra prasad 6 years ago

every where in this world women facing problems, no words to discuss, i never understand where human is , whats in mind . great judgement have to come to shoot this problem. so sad

Victoria Smith 6 years ago

This is a great article for everyone's awareness against sexual harassment, having knowledge about crime risks could prevent criminal activity and those engage in it. Safety measures is essential since we can't predict when is the crime take place, and it is our responsibility in the first place to protect ourselves against the crime and its up for us on how we can ask for a certain help to anybody else. As one way of avoiding hazards situations, I try this innovative safety measure that can ask immediate response to professional emergency service. If you feel this would help you, try to read the information from this website

sree 6 years ago

very informative and painfull. may be other states or countryes happening the same , but no one reporting or making same articles to open the eys . very good article .

maria jan profile image

maria jan 5 years ago from nawabshah

It happened due to lake of proper education as well as sexual education. You are right sukritha

Maan 5 years ago

U r right killed that types of men. . . .

LAWRENCE 5 years ago


imkd profile image

imkd 5 years ago

nice hub sukritha.. Education about it must and it should be necessary in the school too. I have heard lots of ancident as shared above. Thanks for sharing the great news and your thoughts about this ancient.

spelling mistake friend in 5th line(your) of 3rd paragraph from below.

ishwaryaa22 profile image

ishwaryaa22 5 years ago from Chennai, India

Great Hub! Kudos 2 u for rising ur voice against sexual harassement!

Nagesh 5 years ago


Navneet Thakur profile image

Navneet Thakur 4 years ago from India

Nice article SUKRITA. Thanks for share it.

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