I Am A Stay-at-Home Mom, A Poem of Ups and Downs


I am a stay-at-home mother.

Today there have been spills, crashes, tears, and booms.

Today I closed my eyes, and quietly counted to ten...

I wished for time to count to ten thousand.

Today my son was angry.

Today my son was sad. (My heart broke.)

He laughed when he was tickled.

He smiled when he was mischievous.

He played, sang and danced, and my body swelled with pride

And my heart filled with joy.

And my soul swam with relief.

I am a stay-at-home mother.

My days end tomorrow, after I have been a night-time parent, morning mother, lunch time moralist, afternoon language instructor, early evening ethics chairwoman, later evening cook, later-still commander, and night-time parent again...

Because even though my child sleeps...

A mother never does.

This today, the longest day, is the best day I have ever had.

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Ellen 6 years ago

Yup, been a few years since I was a full time stay at home Mom but you said it just right.

BigSerious profile image

BigSerious 6 years ago from Harrisburg, PA Author

Thanks, Ellen! I'm thinking that every now and then, I'll share glimpses into my world in this vein. Like how he is now stacking cups on top of each other in a balancing act after sipping his water gingerly and dumping it quickly on the floor. He ran away laughing his head off. My feet are wet. :P

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