If You Are A Parent Of An Emotional Disabled Student, Ask Questions About Their Behavioral Program

In the past running in the halls, passing notes, and chewing gum were the main offences in the public school system. Since the 1980s the offenses have become more serious. Assaults, rapes, robberies, and violence are listed as the top offenses and the percentage of junior high students and high school students participating in these crimes has increased in the last thirty years. Children under 18 are assaulting teachers and their peers.

If a child commits so many offenses that are not criminal and are deemed to be emotionally disabled, most public schools systems have self-contained programs where the child is taught proper school behavior and how to socially interact in school with peers in teachers. The programs are usually staffed by trained professionals that deal with the emotionally disabled, but many are emergency hires that do not have the experience or the training to deal with these troubled youths.

There is very little information out there that teaches the teacher how to deal with the emotionally disabled and most wing it and their room becomes containment areas to get the child through. If you are a parent of a child that has been placed in a behavior program you need to know the qualifications of the teacher. A special education degree is sometimes not enough. Ask what experience they have and what techniques and methods they plan to use. The more you know about the teacher that is assigned to teach your child, the more you will understand the way those methods will affect your child when they are at home. If you are a parent of an emotionally disabled child, the success of that child is pertinent to you asking questions and becoming actively involved in their education and success


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