Influence of Media on Children. Practical advices and solutions.

Remember all those children who jumped off the balcony with a broom thinking that they will fly like Harry Potter and friends? Well this actually happened do not laugh!

If you are not aware, psychologists are struggling to find what makes a child to emit irritating sounds such as PLEAAAAASE which convince us to buy certain toy, game or film. Yet, is this legal? Is it right to make our children want something and then make them want this useless thing from us? I think that marketing industry has gone too far in its maximizing profit campaign. After all, our children and mental health are at stake!

How does consciousness function?

In order to understand how media affects us and our children it is important first to unveil the mystery about the functioning of human mind and consciousness so that to understand how exactly we are programmed to act in a certain way or adopt certain behavior. Our consciousness is the filter trough which we both perceive and affect. The casual relationship goes as follows: reality – perceived reality – consciousness – social values – decisions – institutions – changed reality. So not only we change reality but reality changes us.

Children are most vulnerable to aggressive media products

No one can deny the fact that media has powerful influence over our consciousness. It is one of the mental channels through which big corporation control us. Media determine not only the mode but our attitude towards the world. By changing culture, it gradually transforms our society. The reason why adult brains are less rigid to change is that our nerve system has stopped developing. We have formed our perceptions and even though we change, we do so at very low rate. However, children are the most vulnerable victims, because their nerve system is growing fast and they absorb rapidly the information around us. Moreover, kids are less supervised by their parents and can choose to watch whatever program or channel on TV or internet.

What are the effects of media over our kid?

I can say from my personal experience that the more time a child spend in front of the computer, television or any other electronic device, the more nervous he becomes. Why? I feel that the reason behind this is that computer games and all sort of such devices overcharge child’s psychic. It is by sound and picture that our nerve system is influenced and programmed. So it comes by no surprise that those films containing violence are malicious for the development of our kid. By watching aggressive material, children adapt to these patterns and accept them as normal and usual. It comes by no surprise that they use them as means of non verbal communication after having watched those films for years.

How to solve the problem?

Nowadays, we as parents are overwhelmed with work. We hardly find time for our children. And the most common solution is just to forbid our kid to watch certain program or play certain video game. However, this is a wrong solution. The more we restrict the more we foster his curiosity and desire to do exactly the opposite and taste from the forbidden fruit.

The ultimate solution

Let us face the truth! We cannot forbid or prevent our children from watching horrible films on the net. Then what shall we do? What I suggest is to make an attempt to bring our kid up in a way that we cultivate such moral values in him so that he can distinguish good from bad materials. After all, we think for acceptable some films not because they are acceptable. In fact can you define what is acceptable? Interestingly, we cannot explain why a film is acceptable for watching… we just feel that it is right or wrong to be watched. This is because we have been programmed by the society we live in to think like that! So it is our responsibility to sustain and cultivate the well being and decency of our culture so that we can preserve the mental health of our children. We should not let film and gaming industry command us and destroy the mental health of future generations! Financial well being of certain minority should not be at the cost of cultural change and mental issues of the majority of the young generation!

I hope that you will find the adds on the pages interesting and relevent to the content of the article so that I can continue to write articles that you find useful:)

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hanskrafter profile image

hanskrafter 6 years ago from United Kingdom Author

I am waiting for your comments! Please feel free to share your experience with the audience so that we can help the community of parents around the world!

Nikita Parvenenko 6 years ago

Great article Hans!

I have a two year old son that is all the day infront of the computer. He became really nervous and aggressive. Maybe the media overcharges his nerve system... How can I boost his interests into another direction so that he finds his purspose and goals in life?

chrisami89 profile image

chrisami89 4 years ago from Leeds

first of all great article Hans.

i just wanted to thank all the parents that are sharing their experiences and problems in this website. i have to say i didn't know about it till now.

i am a graduate student and i am doing my dissertation project on children's behaviour in the UK and all the articles that talk about this topic helped me a lot so far and still are. it is amazing how much you can learn from a few experiences.

i wish some of the parents in here were in Leeds, so i can include them in the focus group that i want to do for my primary research. I am concerned that not many parents would like to take part in a student's project as they won't see it very important...

Thank again all of you for your articles

Bree 23 months ago

I feel that this is how children seem to idolize fast food and candy. Often cartoons are depicted hating vegetables and eating giant chocolate bars. Commercials show sodas as if they're the coolest thing. And healthy foods? Often shown on a farm.. which is good for people who want to know where it came from.. but not convincing to a kid to most likely never been to a farm. What I'm trying to say is media seems to affect our minds without us even knowing.

and as for big industries, that's how they get you.

Bree 23 months ago

Nikita I know your comment was done a looong time ago, but I'm going to reply anyway. Try getting him to slowly use it less and less. Be really positive when he goes out to play and ask him how it was, do stuff outside. Don't force him like "get off that thing!" or he'll get mad and want to use it more.

Read often to a kid while they're young, it'll help them enjoy books in the future.

I think this article was pretty good but not very specific as to help kids not be caught up by media/internet.

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