Biblical Names

Biblical Names

Names are very important and they carry great significance. They are a sign of creativity that comes from the divine. The ability to name is a prophetic gift. Each name that a child receives can have a great affect on their lives. Therefore, it is very important to take naming seriously. Most parents realize this and struggle with finding that right name for their precious gift from above.

In my ministry as a Rabbi, I am constantly asked what is the meaning of various biblical names. It is for this purpose I decided to break down several names and give an in depth study of names for anyone to review at any time.

In terms of the scripture, the ancient name of the biblical character also foreshadows what will happen to the character, or the relationship of the character to God or those around the character.

We name for several reasons, to honor family that has passed on, to honor family that is still with us. To destine a child to greatness. What ever the reason of why we choose a name we should be careful about it. We should pray and meditate on what the name means and how others will treat the child as the child grows because of the specific name. Therefore, below I give a sample of from my book "Inspirational Ancient Biblical Names", which can only be found on Amazon at this time.

Ithamar (איתמר – Eethamar) – means “Island of Palms”

The word Ee (אי) means “island.” The word tamar (תמר) means “palm tree.” When placed together it is “Island of Palms.”

Ithamar was one of the four sons of Aaron the high priest. He was a priest himself but was not the high priest. After the death of Aaron the mantle of high priest fell upon Eliezer.

“These were the names of the sons of Aaron; the firstborn was Nadav, and Abihu, Elazar, and Ithamar. These were the names of the sons of Aaron, the anointed Priest, whom he inaugurated to minister. Nadav and Abihu died before God when they offered an alien fire before God in the wilderness of Sinai, and they had no children; But Elazar and Ithamar ministered during the lifetime of Aaron, their father.” (Numbers 3:2-3:4)

“These were the reckonings of the Tabernacle, the Tabernacle of Testimony, which were reckoned at Moses’ bidding. The labor of the Levites was under the authority of Ithamar, son of Aaron the Kohen.” (Exodus 38:21)

Please check it out and leave reviews if you like it.

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