Irreplacable Void

There is an irreplaceable void

that only you can fill....

there is an emptiness that has hindered me

followed me since i opened my eyes and didnt find you

there is a place for you i have saved all this time

when i find you

when God brings you to me

i will give you what i have saved

in the bottomless corner of my heart

i want to look into your eyes and see the mirror

that i haven't found in anyone else beside me

no one can understand me

no one knows how it feels to have a part of you missing

the wondering the thinking never stops

the hunger for the one who helped in your creation never


the need for the one never stops whispering

i have all this feeling all this love

vaporizing in a little bottle hidden

in the corner of my mind

sometimes the vapor escapes with my thoughts

my endless thoughts of you

i try to find you sometimes in the eyes of others

every day that is your day every year

i wonder who has filled my shoes to give what i should

i wonder what your story is...

i have written mine...

whoever you are and where ever you are

let it be known i love you

until we meet my void will live on

my emptiness will be silent until your



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