Is Boogie Baby Casting a Scam? Modeling Agency Scams

Is Boogie Baby Casting a Scam? Modeling Agency Scams

I have seen many websites asking if Boogie Baby Casting Modeling Agency is a scam. While I can't really be sure on this point I have had interaction with Boogie Baby Casting.

In the winter of 2008 me and my fiancee wanted to sign our son up with a modeling agency. We thought maybe he could land some jobs and we could take the money and set it aside in a college fund. We didn't know where to begin so my fiancee got on the internet and tried searching for a modeling and talent agency.

Boogie Baby Casting Modeling Agency

Sometime in her search for a modeling and talent agency she came across Boogie Baby Casting. We looked over the website and saw some of their sample online portfolios and thought maybe we would give it a chance. We then e-mailed them and asked what we should do next. We received an e-mail back from them telling us to send a picture of our son and they would contact us.

After we sent the picture we waited for about a week and they finally got back in touch with us.

They told us that we had a very promising chance to land some jobs with their modeling and talent agency all they would need is about 5 or 6 more pictures and a $75 fee for them to place the pictures on their website. I was skeptical but, my fiancee wanted to do it.

So, against my better judgement I agreed. Hoping it wasn't a scam.

We sat down and went through his pictures to find the ones we thought were the best. When we found the pictures we liked and thought would bring the most attention we sent them via e-mail to Boogie Baby Casting along with the $75 fee. Then proceeded to wait and wait.

Then one day we had an e-mail telling us that the pictures had been placed on the website and that we would receive a call from our agent. Well needless to say he never called so, we called him.

He said that he was very busy and that he was sorry he hadn't called. He reassured us that everything was going fine and told us that he was going to be our agent and that he was going to shop our son around to prospective employers. It kind of made me feel better about the whole thing. He kept her on the phone for about 30 minutes. I thought that showed he was concerned for our sons success.

Cute Babies

Waited and Waited and Waited

We hadn't heard from "our agent" in 6 months, so we called him once again. This time he told us that he had sent countless e-mails requesting new pictures to update his portfolio and he had not received any answer back from us. We knew this was a lie because we check our e-mail at least twice a day.

He went on to insist that we must have over looked the e-mail or deleted it.

We know that this was not the case, because we had been looking out for some sort of correspondence from Boogie Baby Casting Modeling Agency. They did not try to contact us by phone nor by e-mail.

Our Opinion

In our opinion Boogie Baby Casting Modeling Agency is not reputable company and they are very hard to work with. They have a very low sense of how the modeling agency business works or how to implement the proper steps to getting your baby the exposure he/she needs to become a successful baby model.

We urge you to share you opinion in our comments section below. Our hopes are that you find the right modeling agency for you and your baby and that you may avoid scams.

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Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 7 years ago from United States

I really don't know but it doesn't sound reputable.

vrajavala profile image

vrajavala 7 years ago from Port St. Lucie

My daughter put my granddaughter in a Modeling competition, which also had a talent competition. They did take pictures, and they also did talent show for all the kids, in one of the big malls here. They wanted some money for most of the things, however, my son-in-law wasn't comfortable with the whole thing. She is going to 5 in 2 weeks and has done some ballet and is now doing gymnastics. I kind of have a feeling that kids modeling is kind of an "inside" thing, with most of the opportunities going to the stars kids.

milly 7 years ago

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I stumbled on this! They told me the same thing and so I wanted to do a bit of research before I did ANYTHING with them...thank you for this - In my opinion if they are not registered with the BBB then its a big NO for me

geebaby 6 years ago

I'm so glad I stumbled across this. I received an email from them and was a little skeptical and wanted to research some more before making any definate glad I saved myself from wasting time and money. :)

Allie  6 years ago

Its a SCAM!!!

Margaret 6 years ago

Scam - save your money

Julie 6 years ago

It is a scam! They did the same thing to us. We submitted the pictures and sent in our registration fee, and then waited and waited and waited. Needless to say it's been months and he never called us back or e-mailed us. He took our money and ran. I think this is someone that made up a website and just scams people from home. I called a reputable modeling agency in N.Y. where Boogie Baby supposedly is, and they never heard of them. Also, they are not listed under information. SCAMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie Diersen 6 years ago

They did the same thing to me with my son!! I have heard nothing nor canI find any pictures of my son on any sort of website! ITS A SCAM!!!

tanaya 6 years ago

I'm sure glad I looked at this. I just got off the phone with a boogie agent. He called me about 10 minutes ago. Well he can forget about that registration fee which went way up. He asked for $125.

JadaMama 6 years ago

I signed up with them about 4 months ago. After pay for the 'WEBPAGE' fee, I sent Mr. Robert Moore a few pictures of my baby, which he promises that he will post on the website within ONE week. Two weeks went by without any respond, so I contacted him. He promised (again) that it will be post shortly. Then 3 days later, he sent me this link to my baby webpage. My baby's webpage is very basic and in my opinion is NOT worth the fee I paid for. It had been 4 months and still NO CASTING job and NO CONTACT from them. Not even a reminder e-mail to update my baby photos on the webpage. I have a feeling that I have been SCAM - BIG TIME! Just use my story as a sample.... BE AWARE!

Bethany 6 years ago

Hi Jadamama, i am in the same boat i payed the fee got my daughters website link...Nor do i think its worth the 125.00 dollars i payed but now all iam waiting for is a call saying that my daughter has something booked for her...After i payed the money...i ran across this forum and now iam really having doubts...Its sad how someone can rip of other people!! But iam still hoping that some how it will work out if i don't recieve a call in a month iam going to search for a Company i can trust!! Till then goodluck iam hoping Robert stays true to his word!!

sara 6 years ago

Same thing happened to me

Mary Sheehan 6 years ago

I contacted Baby Boogie Casting, and I haven’t done anything yet with them, but I am weary. First, when I filled out the application and sent pictures I recieved an email back saying my daughter was adorable and I would be contacted by them. The problem was my daughter’s name was incorrect. Not even close. When I emailed back asking about this, (because maybe it was sent to me wrong) they emailed me back saying sorry for the mix up and resent me the generic letter again but this time with my daughter’s name. When I’ve called to return their calls, its always an answering machine. When we finally talked they told me it was a one time fee of $150 for another web company to crop and retouch my daughter’s photos. I was weary about this as well. I told them I needed to talk to my husband who was out of town and he wouldn’t be returning until the weekend. I needed the time to talk to him about this. He said no problem, they were meeting with this web company with pictures that monday and as long as I got the pics in before Monday, I was set. Well he called the very next day and asked me if I was still interested. I had to remind him of our conversation. That my husband was out of town. He said that was too bad because he was meeting the web company Friday. I reminded him he told me Monday. He said no. This seems real shady. He also told me in an earlier conversation that he would be my daughter’s agent.

1) I have a problem that you can’t directly contact him.

2) He seems to have his dates wrong and what if this applies when we are going to casting calls presuming this isn’t a scam.

3)I have a problem with the $150 up front fee.

Has anyone gotten actual work from this company????

JuJu 6 years ago

This damn company is a scam. Mr. Robert Moore charged me a fee of $95. Im sad to say I wish I would've stumbled upon this first before forking out the money.

sheena 6 years ago

Yep, this company is 100% scam. Mr. Robert Moore charged me $125. I saw his poor excuse for a 'webpage' for my daughter and tore a strip off of him. He offered a refund very quickly (which, if he had already gave $125 to this supposed web company, I don't think he'd be so willing) but it was just to stall me. It's been almost a month, with several phone calls, and no refund. Of course I should give up...I'm only making more of a fool of myself even trying. One time someone answered the phone over there, "hello?". STAY AWAY!!!!! Please don't give this man any more of your money.

TASSIE  6 years ago

Thank you guys! I received 3 emails from him telling me that my baby was too cuute to pass up on. I will not be giving any upfront fees. Does anyone know of a reputable casting agency for babies in the Los Angeles area?

SD mama 6 years ago

Another similar story here ....

At the end of January, I submitted a picture of my daughter via their website. The same night I got a call from Robert Moore telling me that my baby is just too cute not to represent and that she should easily get some work. Like many of you, I was feeling skeptical when he asked for the $125 for the set up fees (for a crappy webpage .... yeah, right!). But he pressured me to get the pics and payment to him right away, otherwise I would miss the boat for this season and would have to wait until May. I somehow managed to push him off a few days and then of course received an email stating that it was too late, he was meeting with the web company that day and that I could retry in May. After communicating with him two or three different times, I was told that his meeting had been delayed and that I still had that day to submit my payment (I got the photos to him right away) ..... I found that quite interesting that this so-called meeting kept getting pushed until my payment was received (which was on a Saturday, by the way). Once he received my money, I NEVER heard from him again (but prior to receiving my payment, I received calls and emails from him on a daily basis). After a few weeks or so, I emailed him several times, asking him to just put my mind at ease that he is legitimate and is really marketing my daughter for print ads or commercials (thought this was a good way to start a college fund for her). Not ONCE did I ever hear back from him .... until the other day. I received an email from him and that's only because I called my credit card company and have disputed the charges. So I've learned the only way they will contact you is (1) for payment or (2) if you have the payment reversed.

My advice to everyone that has already paid the fee (has to be within 90 days of the cc charge) is to have your cc company reverse the charges (you may need to provide proof that they did not provide services promised) .... this becomes a big negative mark on Boogie Baby Casting. I have the proof I need and many of your comments will also provide me with the back-up I may need (if required by my cc company).

For those of you who are considering Boogie Baby, DON'T DO IT ..... THEY ARE A SCAM!!!!

jaydens mom 6 years ago

Thanks I almost fell for the same scam

brittania 6 years ago

omg, i just spoke with the same man today about my son who said he was just too cute. he sounded very friendly and upbeat. he sounded excited to represent but the money made me think twice. my mother in law said anytime they ask for money is a big NO. im so glad i found this and looked it up further. it sounds like he tells everyone the same story. he meets with the web company monday so if i hurry they can hand in my sons pics and get a head start. it seems he tells everyone monday so we will hand over our money quickly. def not going thru with this. robert moore is a fake and so is his company.

Gwen 6 years ago

Its a scam... thats exactly what happened to me... been with them for 3 years and still no calls, emails, or agents! kinda pissed off.. but hey i learned my lesson to not trust just anyone on the internet... so please dont waste ur time and money on boogie baby casting.

Frances. I 6 years ago

Its a BIG SCAM . Its been 3 years and no calls or E-mails.

Kylie 6 years ago

Just submitted my daughters pics yesterday and hot a call from him at 9:30 last night. Who calls that late. He told me my daughter was in their top pic for her category and their would be a one time registration fee of $125 for the web page. That she was so cute she should work at least twice a month and even told me about jobs he had recently booked and ones coming up. I told him I had to talk to my husband and he told me to call him back on Monday. Thank goodness I found this page. I am a little disappointed though but at least I'm not out any money. Sorry guys.

Christina 6 years ago

I hate to say it,but I guess it's a scam. I was so sketical at first, but really wanted to believe that boogie babies was legitimate. It's been about a month since I received my webpage link and no calls. After I payed the $125 fee I received 1 follow up phone call saying I should expect my webpage link within a day or two. After a week, I emailed "my agent" ROBERT MOORE stating that I had not received my webpage link. After two days, he emailed me back with my link, stating that he has emailed it to me before, but I must not had received the email. Today, I was about to email Robert to ask when I should expect to send new pictures since being that my son is a baby, he changes physically daily. Then I came across this. I hope if you are in the process of dealing with boogie babies, DON NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM! Tomorrow, I'm going to get in touch with my credit card company to see if I can get my money back.

Lynda 6 years ago


Aimzphotography profile image

Aimzphotography 6 years ago from Auckland

Castings for babies are so limited, it sounds like the guy is disorganised but based on what Ive read it may not be a scam, agencies tend to cater for clients need not the need of the talent, also most castings are done not by email but by hardcopy so I can only but imagine how much money it costs for the casting cards that go out for a baby agency because baby images on those cards need to be changed every 3 months, you are all better finding a main stream agency that deals with all ages because most castings including babies are for advertising on multi cast roles so ordinary agents will submit if they have the babies on file, $75 -$150 is a cheap price to get you up and running because most of that will be spent on the initial admin and setting up the cards


Christina 6 years ago

This is a scam, and fortunitly I was able to get my money back. At first Robert Moore stated that my son would get at least 2 jobs a month. After almost a month I had not heard anything so I called and emailed him. When I finally got a hold of him, all of a sudden my son had landed a job. But then when I said we could do the job, he had to get back to me with the final details. He told me it would be a couple of days and he would call me. Well a couple days came and went and no phone call. So, I called him and still no word. Two more days went by and fed up, I called my credit card company. Luckily I was still within the time limit to file a dispute. With my credit card company you have 45 days to file a dispute. I have a feeling Robert Moore has an idea on this and that is why he gave some bogus job to keep me hooked a little longer. Thankfully i wised up in time. If you have payed the fee and it hasn't be 45 days, I would get in contact with your credit card company ASAP!

Sher 6 years ago

I completely agree with the majority of post on this web page. I got the same type call from Mr. Moore saying that my child would definitley have work quick. Well I debated for a couple of days and then got a call back from Moore stating that he needed my photos on a certain day to meet the web design deadline. I am not going in to the whole story as it is the same as all mentioned about, never calls, never answers email (unless you stated you are canceling your payment) and is 100% a SCAM. Should have known when they were not listed with the Better Business Bureau. As I have told Mr Moore you may take advantage of me, but when you have included my child you have gone too far. I hope that he has seen these post and any other complaint board out there. You can get your money back. Send in all your emails on tyring to contact him with a copy of these boards. Although he believe himself to be very smart and thinking that he protects himself with his "outside web company" and they get no money. Well I guess the credit card companies have a problem with that when the charge shows to be processed by them. I was not even going to comment on these boards. I have been seeing them since I went through my whole ordeal, but I just hope that everone does a little more research than I did. Yes I got back my money, but that was not the point. This low life has pictures of my child!!! All I can think is if he will do this for money, what else will he do. Please find another agency! Don't get cought in this trap!!!

Sherrie  6 years ago

I also talked to someone named Robert. This is a huge scam!!! I hope that they get caught by someone who can do something about it. I turned in my photos paid the 125.00 and they sent me th url to my daughters web page, which did happen, but since then I have not heard a thing!! I am so angry!!

Shanta 6 years ago

SCAM!!!!!! He did the samething to me and my husband, He never called us he kept in touch for about 2 weeks and that was it! I have called and called but no call return,,he is a rip off, and he empire of stealing honest people money shall come tumbling down!!! Stay away people :(

ashrose12343 6 years ago

u guys we should all sue!!!!!!the same thing happend to me i got a laywer no joke

April 6 years ago

Yes it is a scam!!!! samething happend to me.

Charm 6 years ago

Its a Scam !!! We went to New York City and we found there address and we found out that there's no company like that on that building and no Robert Moore!!!

Kleo Mom profile image

Kleo Mom 5 years ago from Virginia

Thanks dear parents for your comments, i also victim of such a SCAM agency- Bizzy-Babyz Talent Agency! Seems all of them using the same techniques. After reading your posts i'm pretty sure they are constantly changing their names and again collecting $$$ from new victims. Here you can read my page more about SCAM Bizzy Babyz Talent Agency :

Shannon 5 years ago

I too was scammed by this Mr Moore. I believe I sent him $75 and many photos of my daughter who was 2 yrs old back then & is going on 4 now. Not one call for a booking!! Now I go to the website & there is no profile of my child or any other children for that matter!!! I wish I would have looked into it a little more.

lori 5 years ago

it is a huge scam!!!We went through the same ordeal and spent $100 and never got a response. Robert Moore told us the same exact thing that he said to you guys. Kind of makes me that more mad to know that they have used the same stuff on other people to take advantage of them.

Janet 5 years ago

I had the same thing to me I payed 95.00 since I had twins they said it was more and I sent pictures and a month later e-mailed them with more pictures and was told not sure why you haven't gotten a call. I tried to send more pictures and not they won't answer my e-mail and I don't have a phone number. I am so upset I let that kind of money go.

Ina Kunicki 4 years ago

Me Too, Same Deal.

Desarae 4 years ago

Same happend to me, except they charged us $250. we should all sue

Ina 4 years ago

They have been out of biz for a few years.

maria 4 years ago

it's a scam.. i put my baby on this agency and ask fees and waited long time to call and never called back.. how could he sleep at night scamming people..

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