Is Your House Safe For A Visiting Toddler?

A reminder of the trivia’s that we forget when our own kids grow up and we have toddlers visiting.

For me toddlers are the heartbeat of the planet. They make this world smile with their little antics and even just by their presence. Their cackling and giggling changes the entire ambience in a gathering; I have even seen people laughing at a funeral where a toddler was there to cheer up the world.

But these little heart winners can become the cause of a heart ache when they get into trouble because of their inquisitive nature. It is very heartbreaking to see a toddler getting hurt while venturing in or around the house. What has to be seen is that a toddler is never responsible for anything. He can act anyway at anytime without caring for the repercussions. It’s the adults who have to understand and make things safer for their visits.

There is always a difference when our own kids grow up and little things like a hot coffee mug is left on the coffee table by your chair is no danger, but when a toddler comes around that mug is surely to be marked with a big skull and bones sign.

I have listed a few and would love to see you add to my list and also see how often you follow those when a little darling is around free to explore your house:

Pet In The House

• Do you crate your dog or cat?

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• Remove feeding utensils?

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• Is your pet free from all communicable diseases?

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• Ensure supervised interaction?

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• Is your pet docile/ trained enough to let a toddler manhandle it?

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Safety In The House

• Do you remove all delicate glass and sharp edged decoration pieces from his or her reach?

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• Do you remove all hazardous materials like detergents and pesticides from within his or her reach?

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• Do you ensure there are no gardening tools lying around?

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• Do not let the toddler wonder towards the street?

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• Do you properly secure drawers and cabinets within his or her reach?

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Safety Around The House

• When playing outside do you stay nearby?

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• Do you lock your basement door?

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• Do you secure all exposed sockets?

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• Do you ensure that there are no overgrown patches of grass or poisonous weeds around?

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• Is your pool or fountain toddler safe?

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Your Comments are Most valuable. I would love to see more coming from my readers and will keep building this l 3 comments

Gareth 7 years ago

Hi there Owais, great article! I now know where I need to come for some quality parenting articles. keep up the good work!

Owais Siddiqui profile image

Owais Siddiqui 7 years ago Author

Thank you for participation and hope to hear from you soon

salma 7 years ago

V Usefull Tips will Think Of sumthing N Let U No

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