Italian Hillbilly Part III

Tennessee ItalianHillbilly by Photo by Sylvia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
Tennessee ItalianHillbilly by Photo by Sylvia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

“Hey wait a minute,” I yelled out, “Your dad said to take us to the Palmer farm.” “I know, but there are more snipe here,” George insisted. “I understand, but I don’t like cemeteries. Not only are they scary, but I’m sure there’s some sort of religious ramification for being here like this,” I said while stepping out of the car, “I don’t know, it’s sacrilegious.” When Matt interrupted saying, “We’re not going to disturb anything and we're not going to be here very long either, you’ll see, now follow me.”

As we walked through the fog filled cemetery Jenny ran up to me, “Girl, you better not leave my side, this is creepy.” “I don’t see any birds,” I argued while looking at George. “Of course you don’t they’re probably hiding after hearing us drive up, don’t worry they’ll come out. Besides snipe are as small as a newborn baby chick and hard to see in this fog. Hey, here’s a good spot,” George said while stopping at this narrow yet deep gully that ran along side the cemetery. “A good spot for what?” I said while looking down over the edge, as the fog worked it way through my legs curling into the gully then back up into the air.

“This is where you and Jenny are going to hide with the bags. Matt and I will round up the snipe and chase them over the edge into the open bags you’re holding.” “WHAT? You want me and Jenny to crawl into that fog filled ditch, in the middle of this cemetery, with two garbage bags and wait for you and Matt to drive a herd of wild chicks over the edge toward us? You’re delusional!” Matt started laughing, “There is no such thing as a herd of chicks. Chicks don’t run in herds. Besides, we’ll make sure there aren’t too many, and then we can get out of here.” Jenny started laughing as she listened to me and Matt argue as to who was going in the hole, “Come on, let’s get this over with,” Jenny said, while climbing down into the gully. I just shook my head, knowing it was against my better judgment, but I wasn’t going to let her go by herself. “If these things start pecking us, I’m clawing my way out of here,” I said while descending down the steep slope towards the bottom of the ditch.

Within minutes Jenny and I found ourselves in this ditch holding open garbage bags and getting ready for… who knows what. When all of sudden we heard the car start up and squeal off. We both looked at each other then over the edge of the ditch. “I’ll kill him!” Jenny said, as we scratched our way out of the ditch. “Is this for real?” I asked, “They left us? Jenny we’re 15 or more miles away from the cabin.” Jenny’s eyes started filling up with tears, “What are going to do?” “Well, I guess start walking,” I said trying to get her to calm down, “When I get a hold of your brother I swear they’re going to need dental records to identify him!”

As we started walking down the street, after standing on the road side for about 15 min. waiting for their possible return, I saw a set of headlights, “Hide,” I yelled out to Jenny, “I think that‘s them..” We both ran for the trees, as we watched her brother pull up to the cemetery. After a few minutes, he got out of the car along with Matt, “Where are they?” he said while overlooking the property. “Ok, we have to find them!” George yelled out, while Jenny and I started quietly tiptoeing towards the car. “Turn the bright lights on so we can see better,” Matt said, “As they both started walking toward the ditch they left us in. “Hurry” I yelled as we ran for the car, Jenny jumped in the drivers seat while I jumped in the passenger seat, and we both peeled away leaving both George and Matt running after the car screaming profanities. “I guess we can turn around in a little bit,” I said while laughing out loud. “The hell we are! We’ll go back to my Aunt’s house and tell her what happened, and then she can go pick those two up. As for us, we can stay with my other cousin Melinda’s tonight. I can call dad from her house and let him know we’re there. He’ll think we left George with Matt and never know what happened, and George wouldn’t dare tell dad.”

Before long we found ourselves a Melinda’s house. Melinda lived on a huge horse ranch which Jenny’s Aunt and Uncle ran. Their livelihood revolved around buying, selling, and breeding horses. After meeting them and having Melinda loan me a pair of sweats to sleep in, I was ready for bed. Even though it was only my first night in Tennessee, I thought I have been through an awful lot, but tomorrow will be a better day.

Waking up that morning I felt brand new after taking a hot shower. “Come down for breakfast” I heard Jenny’s Aunt yell out. Jenny and I ran for the table for nothing smelled better than the huge southern breakfast her Aunt fixed. Bacon, eggs, biscuits, sausage links, you name it, dear Lord I never ate a breakfast like that. “So what you girls planning on doing today?” asked Jenny’s Uncle. “Well, we thought we'd take out a couple of your horses and do some riding, if you don’t mind,” Jenny said while finishing the last of her breakfast. “No I don’t mind, I have to go into town for a bit, so if you plan on riding don’t take the horses I have pinned in the first two stalls, those horses haven’t been quite broken yet. You know how to saddle a horse, right? If not your cousin Mel will help you. Just be careful.” “Thanks Uncle,” Jenny said, getting up and giving him a peak on the cheek. “Well, I best get going,” He said getting up from his chair, “See you girls later.”

Well, the way the stable was situated one can easily understand the mistake that took place…I mean the horses were all a little skittish when we walked in, plus you couldn’t tell the front door from the back, or what two stalls he was talking about. I mean, it wasn't our fault. Ok, so the two horses we chose were rearing up a bit while being lead out. Hey, the last thing I remember hearing was, "Just climb up on that fence and get on his back." (Italian Hillbilly Part IV to follow)



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