Italian Hillbilly Part IV

Tennessee ItalianHillbilly by Photo by Sylvia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
Tennessee ItalianHillbilly by Photo by Sylvia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

Jenny and I planned to help her Aunt with the breakfast dishes, but her Aunt insisted on us going outside and enjoying ourselves. Melinda, Jenny’s cousin, had eaten breakfast much earlier in the morning and was already out riding before Jenny and I came down for breakfast. There was a note left on the mirror of the dresser for Jenny and me. It stated: Didn’t want to wake you. Going out for a ride. Maybe we can play some tennis later. The high school just put up a new court. Call your dad and let him know you’ll bring the car back on the way to play tennis. We can ride in my car. Welcome Home Cous, Melinda. Resting below the note was two stacks of clothes, Melinda was kind enough to remember our plight, but as Jenny and I got dressed then looked into the mirror was when Jenny said, "We'll have to go home and change into our own clothes after the ride, before we break our necks trying to keep these pants up." Nevertheless, it was the kindest gesture on Melinda's part, therefore I had no complaints.

Well, Melinda was nowhere in sight when Jenny and I went to the stable, and as mentioned we both went back and forth as to which two stalls were not to be fooled with. Both Jenny and I have dealt with horses before, for where we lived was a place called Ben’s Trails which would allow you to rent a horse for the day and we would hit Ben’s as often as possible riding through every type of trail imaginable. Sometimes at Ben’s you would get a frisky horse, that would rear up or buck, but if you knew what to do it wasn’t a bad ride.

None of the horses acted much differently than the other, in Jenny‘s Uncle‘s stable, but as we lead the two horses out they were a little skittish, prancing sideways and bucking a bit, but not really acting up a whole lot. Problem was they were tall, much taller than the horses we were accustomed to; in fact putting your foot in the stirrup was difficult because of the height. “God Jenny these horses are huge!” I said, feeling a little apprehensive. “Just lead it to the fence, climb the fence and get on its back,” Jenny stated, which seemed much easier then fighting with the stirrup. Jenny was having a tough time with her horse too, but still we felt it was nothing out of the ordinary considering the horses didn't know us.

Yet, upon seating myself onto this gigantic monster of a horse, it immediately reared up then kicked up its back legs, “Whoa!” I said, pulling on one side of the reign guiding the horses head towards my right leg. The horse settled for a moment but no sooner did I let up on the reigns it bolted, and when I tried to gain control this monster of a horse would start rearing and bucking again, that’s when it dawned on me I grabbed the wrong horse! Again I tried to pull on one side of the reign, then tried getting the horses head up as to prevent it from bucking, I tried tightening the reign to the horse’s neck, again it started bolting. I was too busy trying to control my own horse to see what Jenny was going through; little did I know Jenny was already on the ground trying to roll away from the monster she was thrown from. I didn’t want to panic, so while I was in full run I said to myself when we drove up to the house last night the entire property was surrounded by a rather high fence, therefore, no matter where we run the fence should prevent this monster from going too far. So I’ll just let it run I thought, maybe it will tire out a bit and allow me to gain control. As we started getting closer and closer to the fence line did I realize the horse wasn’t slowing down, and rather than try to gain control at the last minute, I thought I better brace myself for what was going to happen once we hit the fence.

Either I would be thrown with an abrupt halt or we were taking the fence. I thought the fence was too high to jump; therefore I better brace myself for the fall. As we were right up on the fence the horse took a giant leap and I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing for the horse made the jump, flying over the fence without any difficulty. To tell you the truth, during the bolt and jump, it was the most graceful ride I ever had, didn’t even feel a bump it was like gliding on air, what a magnificent horse I thought to myself. Only problem now was we were in unchartered territory, as far as I was concerned, free to do what ever this monster wanted to do.




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