Italian Hillbilly Part V

Tennessee ItalianHillbilly by Photo by Sylvia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
Tennessee ItalianHillbilly by Photo by Sylvia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

As soon as I landed on the other side of the fence the horse never broke stride, once more I tried to gain control, for not far from the fence was a large ravine which I knew we wouldn’t be able to jump and someone was going to get hurt. Off in the distance I heard yelling, it was Melinda riding at full speed. I’m sure she was trying to shout directions as to what to do, but unfortunately it was too late. The horse attempted to make the ravine, yet wasn’t as agile as I thought, as we ended up taking a fall and rolling… Melinda was there in a flash, grabbing the horse's reigns while yelling, “Are you ok?” I was laying flat on my back, in a few inches of water and mud, dazed but unharmed. “I’m fine, how’s the horse?” I said while getting up slowly trying to shake off what just happened. “He’s ok, you’re damn lucky you didn’t break your neck! Gez, I go out riding for 1 minute and come back to Jenny in the corral with a wild horse trying to kill her and you jumping the fence! Are you sure you’re ok?” Melinda said. “I’m fine, I’m fine…” I stated while pulling bits of debris from my hair.

As Melinda and I walked back to the house, I was surprised at how she managed the horse I rode for he was quite docile during our entire walk. Melinda then started telling me all about her high school and the new courts they built. She mentioned she wasn’t much of a tennis player but enjoyed the game nonetheless. I told Melinda that I took tennis lessons a few years earlier, and although I wasn’t a pro, I could hold my own on the court. “Good,” she said, “Are you still up for a game or was the horse ride too much for you?” I just looked at Melinda with a smirk and said, “I’m going to love beating you at tennis while using your own racket, you know that don’t you?” As we approached the stable laughing there was Jenny covered in dirt from head to toe. “So, how was your ride?” was all she said, while eyeballing the muddy, water soaked cloths I was wearing. “Quite enjoyable,” I said while nodding my head, “And yours?”

After getting cleaned up once again, we drove the car over to Jenny’s father’s cabin, at which time he insisted on us telling him how our snipe hunting turned out, of course we kept the details to a bare minimum when he said, “Well, looks like the two of you are having fun. Just don’t go off too far and always let me know where I can locate you.” We then told him we were going to play tennis with Melinda and would be home before dark, and then asked the whereabouts of Jenny’s brother, Jenny’s father just shrugged his shoulders and said, “He called saying he and Matt met some girls and well I don’t expect him home anytime soon.” Jenny and I both looked at each other sideways and didn’t say a word, while going inside to change.

In no time at all we found ourselves at Melinda’s high school. As I climbed out of the car did I realize just how sore my body really was, but all things came to a halt when Jenny and I noticed two of the hottest guys we have seen in a long time on the courts playing a game. “Who is that?” I said, while pointing and looking at Melinda. “Oh, don’t waste your time,” she said, “That is Chad and his brother Mark, their two of the cutest guys in school. Girls have all but begged them to go out, yet they won’t even give them a second glance.” “Too bad for those girls…” Jenny said, while looking at me with a smirk. “I’ll toss you for the taller one.” I said, while tucking my shirt in a little tighter. “You can have the tall one," Jenny said while starring at the court, "dear God look at the muscles on the other one.” Melinda just rolled her eyes saying, “You’re wasting your time.”

“Melinda, my friend, our game will have to wait,” I said while looking at Jenny. Soon, I found myself approaching the two hotties while gathering up the nerve to say hello. “Hi,” I said, looking at the taller of the two, “I was watching you play and thought maybe I could beat the winner…I mean play the winner.” The taller of the two approached me looking rather amused. “Is that a northern accent I hear, and what makes you think you can beat me?” he said with this devilish smile on his face. “Northern accent?” I said, while laughing, “And all this time I thought it was you who carried the accent.” “What happens if I win?” he said drawing closer. “You and your brother get to take me and my friend Jenny out to dinner and a movie,” I said while pointing at Jenny, knowing she looked like a living doll while she took her time changing into her gym shoes and pulling mine out of the bag. “And if I lose?” he said, probing for an answer. “You and your brother get to take me and Jenny out for dinner and a movie. The way I see it, it‘s a win/win situation for you,” I joked. “You have a deal. Mark, I think our game is over for right now, I have a little lady here that wants to get beat at a game of tennis.” “Let me pull my hair up and put on my shoes, I’ll be back in a second.” I said, while retreating into the school with Jenny at my side laughing and sharing details of my conversation.

As Jenny and I entered the school, it looked rather quaint; the gymnasium was filled with guys playing basketball. “Shoot, we should have scoped out the inside of the school first,” I said while nudging Jenny. “Ok, while you play tennis, I’ll talk to Mark and see what he is like.” Jenny said, as we entered the bathroom. “Ewwww,” I proclaimed, as I pointed at a crippled bumble bee spinning in circles on the floor, “God, I hate those things,” I said while hopping over it with my sandals, “You have my gym shoes, right?” I asked while trying to pull my hair into a ponytail in such a manner to conceal some of the scratches received during my riding escapade. But, while leaning over the vintage bathroom sink looking at myself in the mirror Melinda came running into the bathroom, “Ewww,” she said noticing the bumble bee on the floor and with one quick kick sent the bee flying across the room directly into the space between my sandal and foot, wedging itself in the most God awful position, stinger up. I immediately grabbed my foot and jumped up on to the sink, out of panic to get my sandal off, when the sink and myself went crashing to the floor busting two of the main water pipes. Water started gushing out with the powder and force one would only expect from a fire hose. “Oh my God,” I screamed as the water pounded against my head and back, “Where’s the shut off valve?” I said, while scrambling on the floor allowing the water a straight shot to the face. Jenny stood in shock, while off in the distance I heard Melinda say, “Is this what you’re looking for?” We starred at each other in horror at the site of the shut off valve resting in her hand….

Well, it didn’t take long for the water to start running into the hallways, as I stood up flinging my wet hair over my shoulder and said, “Well, I guess I should find someone to help.” While limping barefoot through the hall and into the gym, “Excuse me,” I said, interrupting the basketball game in progress. As they all turned and looked at me, the coach approached me asking if I was ok and what happened. I started leading him to the bathroom, but when he saw the water rolling down the halls, “Oh my God,” was all he said as he ran for the principles office. In no time at all I found myself outside with the principle trying to explain what happened, while the entire water system was being shut down in the school.…(Almost Finished, Part VI to follow)


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