Jobs Ideas For 13 Year Olds

What Jobs Are 13 Year Olds Allowed To Do?

When it comes to jobs, 13 year olds are going to be out of luck most of the time. Employers just don't want to hire kids that are so young because of their imaturity and especially because of the added insurance cost for them.

Everyone in society wants to protect children and keep them safe. It is for this reason that there are so many restrictions on hiring 13 year olds and most employers just don't want to deal with the added hassles.

13 Year Olds Must Use Their Imagination

Since it is next to impossible for kids to find real jobs for 13 year olds, this means it is time for them to come up with their own ideas. The classic lemonade stand is the example everyone knows but it is certainly not a money maker in the winter months and probably not that great in summer either.

Kids who are 13 need to figure out what types of things they are good at and try to find ways to make money doing those things. It might be a bit too young to start babysitting but pet sitting and pet grooming might be a possibility. If you are someone who loves dogs and cats, try to think of all the things you might be able to do to help your neighbors out with their pets that they might be willing to pay you for.

Adults are very busy with their jobs and you might be able to walk their dogs, pet sit while your neighbors are on vacation, wash their dogs, and many other similar things that will save your adult neighbors time. For this, they might be willing to pay you, especially if you take care of their pets while they are on vacation.

Find A Need And Fill It

The best way to make money when you are a young teen (and when you get older too), is to find a need that is going unfulfilled and offer that service. If you can figure out what your neighbors or friends need done, you might be able to charge for that service.

Many young teens who have great imaginations and ideas end up starting businesses or mini businesses that grow into something bigger. If you have a lot of ideas, try to figure out which ones would be the easiest to do and still make you money. This is a time when you have to let your creativity come out and if you are able to start something with a good idea, it might turn into your own money making business.


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ashley 7 years ago

If they gave us a change we can prove it to them. I am a 13 year old that can do anything i put my mine to.

elena 7 years ago

I need a job and im 12 turning 13 in 5 months and my parents are divoreced and i have a step-dad and i just need a place were i can be useful im smart and helpful and want to be a singer anything will do for NOW please help.

Beth 6 years ago

I am 13, dying for a job and have NO money! Why can't people just give us a chance and hire 13 year olds!Annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please HELP me !!!!!! PLEASEEEEEE

Bianca 6 years ago

OMFG! im 13 but im more mature than most 16 year olds why cant they just give us a chance :(

william 6 years ago

Im 13 years old i am broke i need money and 16 and 17 years old are mature take a look at us 13 years old we have friends we go to movies but we need money. Im pretty sure we need money to>ps we are mature just take a look for once look look >: bianca,beth,ashley,elena,and me william need jobsss help usss please im tired of sitting around the house and listening to my dad yell at me all day help ppplleeeaaassseee .william ashley elena bianca look at us talking about are life because y"all wont give us a job bye D:

cora 6 years ago

William is right! were 13, on our way to adulthood, and yet nobody will give us the time of day!!!! okay so, yada, yada, mow lawns, sell lemonade blah blah! society is full of bologna! we need stuff too and its not like all of our parents are ATM machines. give us a chance already. i mean, come on. This is the 21st century! teens are way more high maintenance these days. between cell phones, and new trends to keep up with, we just cant go around the corner and mow mr.smiths lawn while he barbeque`s chicken and his wife mashes freakin potatos!!! and were broke!

Erin 6 years ago

Seriously, lemonade stands? Yeah i did that when i was five. I need the money. We are thirteen year olds and we are teenagers does anybody understand that? We need the jobs, experience and money. We are mature, we can do anything we put our mind to. Whenever a friend asks to go to the movies or mall i have to ask my mom for money and i feel bad cause i ask her every time and i feel like i'm making us go broke. I want to help out my family .

jenna 6 years ago

i agree! omg were 13 years old give us a chance! we can be just as mature as a 16 year old.... seriously! and we need money as much as they do.... we have a life too live here. cloths, shoes, cell phones, movie tickets, etc! lol but yeah its annoying when ppl think were to young for crap and when adults think we know nothing. : )

cassie  6 years ago

hey.... im tied of adults making our minds up about us .... im 13 and need A job NOOOOOWWWW ..... IM TID OF THEM JUST FOLLOWING THE PAPERS COUSE THE PAPERS SAY ALL THIS CRAP ABOUT KIDS AND I HATE IT .....

Gizelle  6 years ago

I need a jod so bad my mom and dad wont give me money so i want to start makeing it on my own,so what if we are 13 we all have lifes to live and thing to buy!

Gege 6 years ago

I agree with you ALL. WE ALL NEED SOME MONEY.....unlike some teens...i dont like asking for money because i find it rude. Anyway i really want to start earning my own and this will do good for my future aswell and i REALLY dont see the point of not hireing us.?

Annie  6 years ago

I'm 13 and I DESPERATLY NEED MONEY!!!!! I'm wanting to buy a dog but my mom say that I have to pay for it myself and she will cover food and shelter but I need MONEY!!! I already took the babysitting courses but no one want to hire a 13 year old!!!!! They think we're not mature enough, well I"LL SHOW THEM!!!!

precious 6 years ago

we really are desparate for jobs but nobody wants to listen to us because we're young and all that stuff. i think we should look at what we can do best so that we do that thing,advertise and sell if possible e.g drawing you draw and colour in your drawing make it look ghetto so that people can have intrest. peace people

seneca josey 6 years ago

this is a buch uv bull y wont they just give us a effing job it is rediculus and the adult arent the only people who need money like everyon in my family have a job im tired of just sittingn aroung on my buttox all day by myself in this mmmaaddd creepy house

please help us!!!!!!!!

ME 6 years ago

instead of complaining about how no one will hire 13 year olds, we should exchange idea's about odd jobs and money makers that work. :)

Complaining wont get it done, guys.

callum 6 years ago

i am callum im 13 and i am sooo desprate for a job im a professional vocalist but that dont get me no money all i wont is a job where i can get muni 4 mi sen pleasee x

Paola 6 years ago

YES we need money and I found one job but it wasn't worth it I decided to wash dogs but didnt work.I'm 13 about to be 14 in a couple of weeks but I want money cuz I want this computer and an ihome for my ipod but I have to buy it.I want money to waste it on me cuz I don't like asking my parents for money even thought they have money but I want to have money just in case and to buy things for Christmas but I only have 100 dollars and want to raise 700 cuz I want to buy me a lot of things cuz im having a movie night and I want my room to be organized so if u have any ideas please post !!!!!!!!!

Devin 6 years ago

i agree with "ME" complaining will get you NO WHERE and shows that you aren't mature enough to go outnand solve your own prblems. Do some research. Something will jump out at you. Maybe you can just take advantage of eBay. There are so many odd jobs for teens out there, Im 13 too and running my own successfull photography business.

Becki 5 years ago

You guys all say you need a job and complain about how 13 year olds can't get good paying jobs. Why don't you do something about it?

josh 5 years ago

I need a job.I can't ask my parents for money anymore.Thats why I am getting a well paid job.I am going to make my own awsome is going to be something I like.You all should do the same and not sit around anymore!

josh 5 years ago

Elena you need to search jpbs on the web.If nothing catches you're interest then make you're own or find a 13 year old who has a job and will hire you. That goes for all 13 year olds who want or need a job.

josh 5 years ago

All of you don't complain just look up jobs on the web or make you're own to you're liken.. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

Andyy 5 years ago

I am 13 years old girl and honestly I don't believe that lemonade stand or mowing lawns is a job.The people will just laugh at you and the only thing you are going to earn will be shame.Yes...I am desperate too because my mom has serious heart problems and she needs all the money she has and I want to help her..and also I might be a little selfish but she told me that I have to live like everything's normal and she will be ok.So when I go out with my friends or when I want something new I am feeling awful asking her for money because I know how much she needs them.My own that if no one wants to hire us than we can just come up with our own idea is a drawing competition the only thing i need is COMPETITORS and a place.I wish you all 13-years old GOOD LUCK!!:)x

Atifa 5 years ago

Iam a 13 year old girl and really wanted to work at the olypics but guess wat!!! u have to be 18!!! i hate it i hate the stupid laws!!! it's not accutaly child labour if a child wanted to work is it?????? and i hate animals annnnnd iam not doing some stupid lemon stand!!!!!!!!!! i dont need the money iam just bored and wann do somthing!!!!! I mean who cares on money even through its nice to have!!!!!!!!! but i really need a job if u have one contact me on my email:

Rebecca 5 years ago

I can honestly say that all of you are absolutely right. We're 13 for crying out loud. Why can't adults just find their inner 13 year old and hire us! We have needs too, you know. And some people say ,"Oh, well why dont you just make you're own business??" It's not as easy as blinking, you know. Can't adults just cut the crud and hire us! We are more mature than you think if you just give us a chance.

aaron 5 years ago

all i want is a job till i turn 14 4real

DEKWON 5 years ago


DEKWON 5 years ago


natalie 5 years ago

need money for the satadays concert

babe 5 years ago

i really need a job to help with my family nd me to try nd buy my own clothes and shoes nd other stuff...

Samantha 5 years ago

My name is Samantha I'm 13 and I agree with all of you we have things to do and things to buy and some of us are just as mature or more mature than 16 and 17 year olds employers should just give us a chance a lot of us would be great workers and would be great to have as employees so just give us a chance

bethany 5 years ago

we need jobs, i need money for clothes, accesories and stuffff! i want $ and Im not waitin till im freakin 16!

MONEY IDEAS??? 5 years ago


Brittney 5 years ago

i agree with everyones comments. i would never do a stupid lemonade stand, im not six. i just want to work at a five below or taco bell, something simple. i really wonna save money for clothes, movies, ect. im pretty mature and wouldnt fool around at a job, i would take it serious. yes i tried looking for a job where they hire 13 yer olds, but the dont cause were "immature." im just as mature as a 16 year old. anyone can click a button on a cash register, and give people change, its not that hard or even do dishes. give us a chance, im glad to no im not the only 13 year old who thinks like this.

asianay 5 years ago

i really need a job for myself and my family

Harly 5 years ago


ella x 5 years ago

i really want to be an actress but there is no good pay jobs at all for 13 year olds

Ashlyyyynnnn :') 5 years ago

Hi im 13 ( Unfortunatly -.- ) I NEED A JOB! FAASSSTTTT!! D: I need money to take my friends Brodie, Kimmy and Corey to the gold caost for my birthday but not jst for my birthday im trying to win Brodie's heart PLEASE HELP! D:

Brianna! 5 years ago

OMFG!!! i totally agree! i've been babysitting 4 bout a month now and it's sooooooo boring! all the girl wants to do is watch TV!!!! i love TV as much as the next person but i don't like Hannah montana! i like Teen Mom, and Jersye shore, and all tht other crAP! plllllleeeeeaaaassseeee someone help me find a job where i don't hve 2 sit and watch stupid TV shows and touch dogs (im allergic).

Kate 5 years ago

I'm 13 almost 14. My dad cheated on my mom and they decided to get a divorce but then he came back then left againtheb came back again and is now gone. My dad isn't supporting my family and is making my mom pay for his resent hernia surgery my mom works in a highschool office. But it doesn't pay enough. And i want to feel helpful and help my mom pay the bills.

brianna 5 years ago

Im 13 and i need advice for a job???

Alexis 4 years ago

I am 13 and we need atleast a part time job to help us know what to do when we are older. plus we don't have to ask our parents for money every time we want something.

Kole 4 years ago

If all these places want us to buy their clothes or buy there movie tickets clearly we need money and we cant get money without jobs and we cant get jobs until were like 16 so maybe you should give us a chance and let us geet jobs!!!!

Tay Tay 4 years ago

I need a job!!! I need money to spend on myself dah!!!

Laura 4 years ago

Im 13 too, and i just want a job so i dont need to be asking my parents for money all the time. And so i can buy clothes, tickets for the movies, cds, books, and stuff like that. A freaking lemonade stand would not even get me 5 dollars. And mowing the lawn?-.- i live in vegas. Rarely are there houses with grass in the front. A nice pile of rocks is what most houses have here. Unless people want there rocks rearranged i dont think 'mowing the lawn' or anything related to the lawn in that matter, will help. I'll guess i'll just have to start out small, with the whole dog walking, petsitting, and babysitting thing. I suggust you all do the same. 'Cause sitting around on our butts wont help...haha.

amanda 4 years ago

13 year olds are mature i totally agree with the fact we need money for our finances too. not all parents can afford to give their kids money. me and my friends need money but no aall people say is ohh your too young. or enjoy it now when you dont need it but guess what, it's our decision. giv us a chance to prove ourselfs

Paige 4 years ago

I'm great with kids and I will work, but my parents say it's not safe these days and I need some extra money. Hey I'm a teenager.

Amanda 4 years ago

Neeeeeeddd money! Im broke ! It's not fair.. some 13 year olds are more mature than 16 year olds !

Pleaasee give us ideass ! :)

lily 4 years ago

hey its OK my family is struggling with money and want to help them please give me ideas

Charlotte 4 years ago

WE NEED THE JOBS!!!! Most of the time they wont hire us is bec were not mature or they just don't want to pay the extra taxes or whatever so we can have a job!! Im 13 and i agree with every single person! We have lifes too! my mom wont give me allowences and my dad dosent life with us! my brother mowed peoples lawn but im not good at mowing soo i can't do that but just bec of are age dosent mean we are stupid or not mature! My whole middle school is more mature then all of the high schoolers put together! geez i understand that the people are too old to see that but at least open ur eyes! we could do a better job at doing anything than any other 16 or 17 year old :D

katie beale 4 years ago

i really want to help people with things but it is hard to find someone that wants help with there pets or washing cars or pet grooming i am 13 year old help because i need a job.......

Dallas Renae 4 years ago

Some of y'all sound like little kids complaining. I am 13 actually just turned 13 and I mean yahhh I'd like to have money fir stuff I want and I wouldn't mind that and I would appreciate it if adults took us seriously for once.

ecko 4 years ago

im 13............. i need money to buy stuff i want so i can top askingmy mom for stuff i want, because my little bro, 7 yers old, and little sis, 4 years old, ask...... beg...... and even cry when they want something from the store! i know my mom is sick of it, because i am! I NEED(want) MONEY............ for me! i know why people dont wnt us working forthem right now......... we're too young or not muture enough for a job but we are way more muture than most 16 year olds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samaria 4 years ago

I am getting tired of borrrowing money for my family. I am 13 years old and I NEED MONEY NOW!

joey 4 years ago

i know im stuck i want a real job but i cant and no offence but i hate when my parents say just work around the house well its not the same as a real job if you have one send it to me at

Alissa 4 years ago

I always feel like know one is listening to us. Just because we are just turning out to be a teenager doesn't mean we don't want to make the money.Help us!!!!!!

jayden 4 years ago

im 13 and i want a job so can afford things my family i want to get a job a life rather than stay home and do nothing

Annonomous 4 years ago

God I need a job and I'm thirteen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather 4 years ago

im 13 and need a job so i can afford a new rabbit cage for my nether land dwarf, Hopwood

kailynworld 4 years ago from usa

Ok so I'm 13 and I have been dieing to get a job. This is ridiculous they are saying we arnt mature enough but the only immature people I see is them and that's b/c they won't give us a chance. Its ridiculous and seriously? Lemonade stands? Dude we r freakin teenagers? And that's what we have been reduced to? We arnt in 1st grade all I got to say is just give us a chance

aleksander 4 years ago

we all want a job but everyone keeps rejecting us.

Mystee 4 years ago

I CAN do just about ANY job that a 16 year old can do!I am probalbly alot more mature and responsible than some young adaults too!But I want something good that pays, and lemonade stands are just not the answer anymore! GIVE US A REAL JOB.

cassandra 4 years ago

my mom allway"s say"s i am way more mature and kind and also understanding than most 20 30 year old"s and smarter.she prod of me cus i am the yongest at church to surve with the childern.pople i just turned 13 murch 12 and i want to do biger and butter thing's

cassandra 4 years ago

why dont they just go to the mail box and put a flyer saying we are looking for 13 year old"s with and this and this talent and they got to be good at it .?

anna 4 years ago

Hey everyone is right im also tiered of asking and begging for money and i really need money to buy whatever i want and not have to ask my parents if they could buy it and they say no..ugh im tired of 18 or 20 year olds having a job and them not appreciating it

HelloPeoplez 4 years ago

Hey, Guys, I agree with all of you. But seriously, you guys complaining about not being able to get a job ISN'T making you mature. It's not showing how mature you are. What you need to do is keep trying. Maybe ask around for good small job ides for 13 year old's like I am trying to do. I know it's hard, but it's possible. At least just stop complaining and show how mature us 13 year olds are. Just a suggestion. ~Kathryn

jack 4 years ago

ya money, need it

jake 4 years ago

Im 13 i need a job im tired of sitting around broke with no money teenagers need money too for stuff too they need it for stuff like moveies malls other stuff like that if you agree post this on every place you can jk only if you want

Bailey 4 years ago

It would be really nice to have a simple job like babysitting, but I live nowhere near another person, so how in the world am I going to do a service for someone. I tried selling eggs but how am I supposed to make money by getting a dollar a week! My parents won't take me to peoples houses to take care of their kids or dogs, and we 13 year old's can't make a website, so how am I supposed to get a job?! P.s. I am way more mature than most 15-16 year old's. HELP!! :o

Emma 3 years ago

Hi, I am 13 years old but I live in the middle of the country! Our nearest town is 30 mins away, and I am broke. My dad has lost his job and my mun has had her hours cut right back and she too is about to get sacked. I get no pocket money and I can't ask my parnets for money as they don't really have any themselves. I can't do the normal jobs such as a lemonade stand as there is know one to sell it too, it is the same for helping other people. How am I suppose to get a job? I am mature and seniable, I don't mess around but how do i get money? emma xx

Ny'Ara 3 years ago

I think that we could intern. But get paid. I think that i'd be a really good secretary and deserve to get paid for it! I am not about to work for free.

Chance 3 years ago

I live in a household where money is tight but I do get the things I want but I want the satisfaction of getting it myself I am 13 as well and I am looking for a job the reason I think why they wont hire us because back in their day 13 year olds were just like 5 year olds but as the new generations come in we get more complex and smart adults don't understand that. And the ones that are saying "Do something about it". We can't because people don't listen to a word we say.

Khadeejah 3 years ago

I agree with all these girls

maya 2 years ago

I understand the hastle with the rest of you I am also 13 and it bugs me that I'm always in the need for money. I don't get why they cant just give us a chance most of us are very mature for our ages and are good hard workers! I personally HATE having to ask my mom for money A. considering I feel like its a bother and B. we don't have money to give out if all of our voices aren't good enough to testify that we are hard well working and deserving teens to work hard to earn an early small amount of money coming in not only to help our families but to have some spending money for ourselves I don't understand what we can do to change your minds. ~ consider our voices hear our pleads ~

Regan 2 years ago

I'm 13 more grown up than 16 year olds cos I don't smoke I don't take drugs yeah we might be I bit young but who give 2 flying f..ks just give us a chance to show you how useful and profitable we can be so please give us a chance please you won't regret it we swear down! Thank you for taking 1 min to read this

nik 2 years ago

guys i know it sux but still just give up play a sport like what i do i play rugby league wash cars or even mo-lawns

Maya 2 years ago

I need a job. Not because I want to go to the mall, not because I want to go to the movies, because I'm going to college. Lemonade stands, classic idea but, I live in the country. We don't have neighbor's and suburban neighborhoods. We have coyotes and crops. Lots of farms but farmers don't want me helping when they want things done their way. Any ideas from that? Because I've got nothing. I live on a farm but I don't get paid for the things I do. I need to get paid for something, because I have high hopes for college and have been saving since I was 7. And yeah, lets be mature guys and stop causing drama on a website.. anyways, some ideas for money making would be helpful. Thank you. (:

Michelle 2 years ago

You guys have to understand that insurance will be extremely expensive for 13year olds whether you be mature or not. And all of you, except for Maya above are not mature. Causing tons of drama because they wont give you a chance. Whether your mature or not, insurance will still be high for kids under 16. You must be an entrepreneur And start your own business. Pet sitting, getting paid for doing chores, cleaning houses, selling baked goods, salsa, jams, having yards sales, mowing lawns, and lots more. If you live in the country, you still have some neighbors around that you can do things for that they can't get around to do.

Maya Michelle 2 years ago

You guys aren't mature if you can't spell. You guys talk like 2 year olds. Stay in school, stay off your phones, get a degree, and get a real job. Businesses aren't going to hire you if you cant spell, let alone write or type. You have to be able to read too. And do math. Yeah, it all matters. And if your family is poor because they lost their jobs, they can go get their own instead of depending on you. And if your fine and you just want money to go to the mall or movies. Im disappointed. That money can be used for important things, not leisure. Spend it how you like but thats my opinion you whine bags.

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