Keep Your Newborn Babies Safe (Part V) – Outdoor Safety


You have to be careful about taking your newborn baby outdoor because things like sunlight, bugs, and strong wind can harm them. One of my four months old cousin was left under the direct sun for over two hours, she was in critical condition by the time her parents rushed her to the hospital. Fortunately, she survived.

Keep Your Newborn Babies Safe (Part V) - Outdoor Safety

Keep Your Babies Out of Direct Sunlight. Newborn babies have very thin and delicate skin, direct exposure to sunlight will only get them burnt because their natural tanning mechanisms that protect them haven't completely developed yet. I basically kept my baby out of the direct sun completely until he turned one year old.

Do Not Apply Sunscreen to Your Infants Under Six Months Old. Most Pediatricians do not recommend that parents apply any sunscreen to newborns younger than six months old.

Dress Your Newborn in Long Sleeves Shirts And Pants. If you must go outdoor at least try your best to protect your infants by dressing them in light colors, and long sleeves shirts and pants. Make sure your stroller has a canopy that can be adjusted to shade your infants from the direct sunlight.

Minimize Your Infants Sun Exposure. Avoid going outdoors with your newborn babies when the sun's rays are the most harmful, which is between 10 a.m. in the morning and 3 p.m. in the afternoon.

Filtered Sunlight through windows is still harmful. Avoid having your infants exposed to any filtered sunlight through the windows at home, only place your newborns in the shady part of your home. Install a window shade in the car to keep your newborns safe from the harmful filtered sunlight.

Sunglasses For Your Newborns. Just like us our newborns do not like sunlight in their eyes.The fact is that their eyes are a lot more sensitive than ours. To protect my son from the sunlight, I bought a pair of baby sunglasses with 99% UVA and UVB ray protection for him.

Check on Your Infants Often. When you are outdoors, be sure to check on your newborn baby often to make sure that they are not overheated and are under the shade. If you notice your baby has a high temperature, acts fussy, or has diapers dryer than normal, or is breathing hard, you need to contact your pediatrician right away because your baby can be overheated and get very sick.

Bugs Are Another Threat to Newborn Baby. Besides sunlight, disease-carrying bugs are another threat to our precious babies. We got a fine mesh net that goes over strollers and car seats to protect our son from those annoying bugs. The net works very well and it gives me peace of mind knowing that my son is safe from those dangerous bugs.

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Joel McDonald profile image

Joel McDonald 8 years ago from Denver, Colorado

Great tips, and it's interesting how many of the sun-related tips are things we might not think about if we're used to being outdoors ourselves. The little ones' skin is so much more sensitive and it's good to make parents aware of what they should do for protection.

Jennifer Bennett profile image

Jennifer Bennett 8 years ago Author

I am glad that you found my tips useful.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California

Great ideas! The sun is definitely something to look out for when you're taking your baby out and about. Love the sunglasses!

Heather 2 years ago

Although I agree that a baby must be protected from the sun and safety needs to be a priority not taking the child outdoors leaves you indoors with stale air that is circulating around and around. Leaving a baby in direct sunlight is the signs of a need for knowledge. Shade, properly dressed, and monitored is good for the mom and the baby. Research beyond this site. Do some research on outdoors and babies sleeping and eating habits, sunlight affect in children's eyes, how to protect your child from the elements without keeping the child from fresh air, outdoor stimulation a from what they see to what they hear and smell.

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