Know What to Look for in Child Abuse Against Autistic Children

I don't want to post photos of Verbally, Emotionally and Physically Abused Children.
I don't want to post photos of Verbally, Emotionally and Physically Abused Children. | Source

Imagine: Who Would Suspect a Teacher for Challenged Children AND Their Aides!

In Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the boy is only 10 years old, and Akian is autistic, too. Young and confused about his immediate surroundings, his teacher and her assistants berated him and bullied him with verbal emotional abuse every single day. He couldn’t tell his parents or anyone because he doesn’t speak. But, he did start telling in his abusers in a different manner.

After some time at this school, he began hitting the teacher and students, and he even picked up a chair (a time or two) and threw it against a wall when he was angered. He was learning from the people who were there to teach him, and they sure were teaching him, alright; teaching him emotional abuse to children, and violence is the answer to life’s problems.

Time for Dire Changes in Child Abuse Laws

Akian’s parents couldn’t figure out what was wrong with their son for months and months. His behavior displayed symptoms of child abuse and went out of control when he didn’t get his way, and his parents knew that was not their son’s natural disposition. Before the new school, he was always cheery and happy, and most generally well-behaved.

After failing every panel of tests the doctors took, they finally realized that his symptoms were the same as the symptoms of child abuse. So, next was a call to a behaviorist, finally, and the resourceful doctor got an idea.

She advised Stuart Chaifetz,’ the child’s father, to ‘wire him’ at school and see what happens. So, the faithful parents did exactly that, and the very first recording he listened to, they found evidence of abuse being committed against their son.

YouTube to the Rescue for Father of Abused Autistic Child

This poor boy was being sent to a prison of hell every time he was taken to class. Cheerful, happy acting school staff took in the kids, then the parents left, and she shut the door before a stone-silent classroom, who was wondering what mentally abusive acts would be inflicted upon them.

Previously, when discussions of the child’s behavior were taken up with the teacher and her aides, the parents were informed that Akian was acting out, being violent by hitting and kicking teachers, and they said he was being loud in class. That wasn’t the son the Chaifetz’ knew and adored, and the acting out began to happen at home, as well. One of the signs of verbal abuse is when the child is reported to have unusual behavior traits.

Stuart Chaifetz posted excerpts of the recording on YouTube revealing staff members at Horace Mann Elementary School in Cherry Hill, New Jersey calling Akian a ‘bastard’ and then they discussed the adverse results of drinking too much alcohol the night before and said she wanted to throw up at the moment they were being recorded.

Know What to Look For; Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse

Finding out about child abuse can be very difficult, and not just with Autistic children. Some kids would rather go to their grave than tell on someone abusing them. There are signs that many kids display when secret abuse (sexual or not) is going on, and the signs should be memorized.

Here are the top classic symptoms which can also be symptoms for other maladies, so really look into it, don’t just let it go.

  1. May be suddenly too shy to use the bathroom or take off the coat in front of anyone because of bruises and the possibility of them being seen by someone.
  2. Performing poorly in school, and it’s unusual.
  3. Wearing long sleeves/pants in warm weather.
  4. A change in emotional behavior; a once contented child is now angry and whining.
  5. A seeming loss of interest in activities the child used to love before, and doesn’t now.
  6. The child begins to inflict injury upon others around them, animals, and themselves.
  7. When the child strips naked in front of friends and company.
  8. An abnormal and unusual interest or knowledge of sex.
  9. Suddenly wanting to avoid nearness of one or more adults.
  10. Bruises in places that are hard to bruise, like, the back of the thigh.

Take Part; Participate and Learn What You Can Do

There should also be a way to record things like this on the credit file or employment history of caregivers and teachers of those who cannot speak for themselves. They said that particular teacher would never work in that district again - what about other districts and other states?

Abusers could have it recorded with criminal records that say how many children, elderly or animals were hurt at their hands or by a decision that the person made. But, there are so many rights when living in the US, and it seems like the incarcerated are the most protected of us all.

10 Things You Can Do About Child Abuse Now

  1. Call the local police
  2. Call the child’s parents
  3. Say something to stop abuse happening in front of you
  4. Shield the children from those who you suspect
  5. Keep an eye on them - don’t let your kids wander about in the store, restaurant, or Laundromat.
  6. Educate children as to what to do and encourage them not to be afraid to protect themselves against physical or mental harrassment.
  7. If you see a young child on their own looking scared, alert local authorities or management of the place and wait until someone who can take charge of the child comes.
  8. Educate parents on how to prevent child abuse.
  9. Practice with children, and everybody scream, “Help! This is not my parent - he’s kidnapping me!”
  10. Call child’s grandparents if you can, anyone in the family who can offer emotional security until the parents can come.

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jcdelfinoiii profile image

jcdelfinoiii 4 years ago from Boise, Idaho

Great article on Child Abuse, it is such a sad topic and something no child should have to live with. Great 10 steps, well worded, sharing this on Facebook.

SandyMcCollum profile image

SandyMcCollum 4 years ago Author

Thanks JC! Yes, it is a sad thing we have to deal with more and more as the world goes on.

kidscrafts profile image

kidscrafts 4 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

I love your article! I posted it on my twitter (several times); it's important to make people aware of this problem.

Voted up and intersting!

SandyMcCollum profile image

SandyMcCollum 4 years ago Author

Thank you! I agree, the more that are informed means less victims.

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