Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical Table Review

I bought the Leapfrog learn and groove musical table for my son when he was eight months old. He loved it then, and he still loves it. He is 18 months old now.

The product features include:

-15 activities

-40 songs

-Wide range of musical styles

-Comes with blue or green legs

-Baby can learn numbers, shapes, opposites, and words in English and Spanish

-  Takes 3 AA batteries which are not provided

- Age 6 to 36 months.

Why my son just loved this toy

You can use this toy in two different ways. If your child is not standing, yet you can put it so it is flat on the floor without the legs. There is so much to do, it is bright and colourful, and baby can roll, tap, push, and slide. Your baby can also turn the pages of a musical book that speaks and sings in both English and Spanish.  It is a great toy, although it is recommended between the ages of six and 36 months you will find that older children seem to like it too. For example, my friend’s five-year-old boy just could not get enough of it. There are 40 songs and loads of different activities on the leapfrog learn and groove musical table. Your baby will have endless hours of fun, so much to do and see. The great thing about it is that it teaches your child Spanish and English. I would like it if it had various other languages on it as well but it is a brilliant toy nevertheless.

This Leapfrog table really engages your baby; I found that sometimes I had prize him away from the toy to have his lunch. He just was not interested in other toys for a few weeks. He would always go straight to the activity table. Another great thing about it is that more than one child at a time can play on it. Therefore, if you have a friend or relatives child over for the day both children can get plenty of fun out of it. In addition, the fact that it can grow with the child is perfect, if you do not have the storage space for loads of toys this is perfect because you have multiple toys in one. I actually looked at a couple of other activity tables and I ended up getting this one because I read all the great reviews. Also I was convinced because a friend of mine bought one for her son. My son obviously loved it straight away.

I would highly recommend the Leapfrog learn and groove musical table. Any mother would be glad to have this fun and educational toy for their growing baby.

Does it have any bad points?

To be honest I really have nothing bad to say about this toy, it is perfect.

Where can you buy the Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical Table?

You can get the Leapfrog Learn and Groove musical  table from Amazon. You can get it from most large toy stores but I have found it to be cheaper on Amazon. The list price for this is $44.99 but you can actually get it for $37.99. It ships directly from Amazon and you can get supersaver shipping, so you do not have to worry about paying shipping costs.

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