Letter to the FCC: Taking Responsibility for our Children

Dear Mr. Copps,

I find it very disheartening that in this "age of communication" the FCC has once again promoted censorship in the public media while continuing to turn a blind eye to violent programming. I am inspired to write after hearing of fines imposed on networks for expletives being blurted on live television.

Whether it's Columbine or just plain bullying, kids are exposed to constant violence in real life, much of which is a mimicry of what has been on prime time television. As we know this is also the reality for many kids in their homes.

My point is this, you are not protecting anyone by fining networks, especially in these tough economic times. You are giving the so-called F-word and others the power that you are so desperately trying to take away. You are making those words (which do have their place in our language) a forbidden fruit.

Rather than fining the networks, why not impose (if you must) some sort of family friendly programming that enlightens families on ways that they could communicate better. It is truly not your job to raise my child. Parents themselves must step up and teach their children how to be respectful and appropriate.

Your efforts in this area are a waste of my taxpayer dollar. I am very disappointed at the FCC's hypocrisy; while you can't curse, you certainly can allow extreme violence and a plethora of commercials is for some erectile dysfunction.

Think about it, that's all I ask.


Cheetah Lindquester

Writer, Mother, Consumer, Taxpayer

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fortunerep profile image

fortunerep 7 years ago from North Carolina

You sound like Boston Legal last night! Great hub and you are right.


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