Little moments that make us smile

 A little while ago we flipped off the television set, we settled into our bedroom. I was playing on the laptop and he was reading from his book. It's about 2:30am.

Now you have to understand us. We are nocturnal creatures out of habit. We work 3rd shift. Therefore on our days off we keep with the same schedule. We sleep during the day and are up during the night. But tonight was a different kind of night. I'd been feeling sluggish and not fully away anyhow. And he was just a ball of energy. Cooking, doing dishes, doing laundry etc. (yes I have a wonderful man)

But back to the moment. Nothing on television. I was watching YouTube videos so I had the headphones plugged into the laptop and giggling away at some of the videos. I thought he was leasurly reading from his book. Apparently I was wrong. I went to ask him a question and when he didn't respond I took the headphones off and heard the most memorable snoring ever! Sounded like he was sawing down a huges forrest. Which isn't unusual for my man. But it wasn't the fact that he was sound asleep (tho I was still surprised as he didn't let on that he was tired in anyway) it was the way he was sleeping so peacefully.... Ah the little moments that make me smile :)

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Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

That is a truly smiling moment. His activity doing all that work must have made him tired! Good for him! Where do you work and what is 3rd shift?

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