Cute Locker Accessories for Girls

It's that time of year again! Time to think about going back to school, friends, books and most importantly, How are you are going to decorate your locker! Individualization is so important and your locker is no exception! There have been some real advances in locker decoration over the past year! In this site you will find everything you need to decorate a locker as pictured above. Yes not only can you purchase locker wallpaper, you can purchase locker rugs and locker chandeliers. ( these are motion activated too!) I have even picked out some themes if you are not good with decorating! Enjoy the best in magnetic locker accessories.

Fashion Locker Themes!

Zebra stripes are in!

This year jazz up your locker with some zebra striped locker accessories! To the right you will see Zebra striped wallpaper for your locker. It is pre-cut into four easy install panels and contains no adhesives. It is actually adhered with 20 strong magnets.The material itself is extremely durable and tear resistant. Compliment your locker wallpaper with magnetic black and white fashion bins. These set of two fashion bins comes in zebra print as well as polka dots. These are great for keeping your pens and pencils. They adhere to your locker with magnets. Really set off your locker with a purple or aqua locker shag rug ( found towards the end of this article)

Pretty in Pink!

Bring out your animal instinct with these fun animal print Locker wallpapers. This pink Leopard print is sure to make your locker stand out. As mentioned before this paper does not need any adhesives and hangs up easily with magnets. Each sheet is pre-cut to fit your locker so there is no measuring or cutting involved. To accent the the pink leopard print wall paper use the pink magnetic fashion bins with zebra stripes. These are great fro your pens, pencils or hair clips! These come in a set of two with pink stripes and pink jewel in the center. There are other matching magnetic locker accessories to choose from!

Think Green!

If you are looking for something different then take a look at the magnetic wallpaper green swirl diva design. This magnetic wallpaper comes in three sheets and is easy to cut. The dimensions are 9 x 12 inches for each wallpaper. Comments state that girls really like the design! To accessorize it further there are are magnetic cups.with a green and white design. The Locker Lookz magnetic aqua green cups are perfect for any small items in your locker. Each of the two cups comes in either an argyle design or dots design. Don't forget to further accessorize your locker with a locker rug. A black or lime green rug would really make your locker pop!

The Basics

To get started on your locker you need to get started on the basics. The keys to organization. here are a few items you might want to use if you are interested in keeping you locker space clutter free! The Hanging Pocket organizer is the most practical of magnetic locker accessories. It is a good way to hang all your knick knacks cell phones pencils ect. It has five pocket made out of plastic or mesh. The plastic holder is great place to store pics of your friends! It also hangs by velcro or on a hook .There is a handy shatter proof mirror on this so you can check out your look between classes.

If you want something a little simpiler then try the magnetic wire mesh Locker box. Easy to hang on your locker door. Customers state these magnets hold really well, even when the door is slammed.

Maybe you aren't into organization but into looks? Then lets take a look at the selection of mirrors there are for lockers. After all one has to keep up appearances in school! First up is the mirror surrounded by blue mesh. The mirror is adhered to you locker with extra strong magnets. It will hang on any locker door so you can check yourself out between classes.

The second mirror is a combination calendar and mirror.  The calander is for 2010 and you can write all of your important dates on it.  Also included are  three mini clotherpins for you to put up  your favorite photos or important notes.  This cute mirror calander combination hangs by magnets.

 Locker decorations are essential part of any locker accessory.  Boing designs makes some cute locker decorations.  Included in the Boing Designs Stretcherz Locker kit is composed of posable magnet figures that can stretch and hold pictures or notes or even a key.  Also included is a dry erase board plus pen.

What is the Must Have Locker Accessory?

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There are several dry erase boards to choose from. The most popular dry erase board will not doubt be the new Moon Dry erase board. This board is hung by magnets and depicts the lost in Forks scene.

Perhaps you are not a Twilight fan? The Magna card Dry erase Board with dry Erase Pen. It's plaid color is eyecatching but not enough to detract form the message.

Fashion Locker Magnets

Now here is where it gets fun. You can dress up your locker with your favorite characters from the movies. Are you team Jacob? Team Edward? Then show your support with Twilight fashion magnets. There are over two dozen to chose from! Pick your favorite and make your friends jealous of your locker!

Magna Card Magnetic Epoxy shapes have a lot of cute and colorful items to pick from. You can pick from hearts to cats to inspirational expressions.

Street Talk also has some inspirational sayings you can stick on your locker

 And for the final touch is the magnetic locker wall paper.  There are many styles and patterns to choose from.  The locker wall paper is easy to cut so it can adhere to your locker.  Sheets come in 9x12 and usually three sheets to a pack.  Be the envy of your friends with the coolest locker in school.

Get your magnetic animal to stick in your locker! Your locker buddy comes with magnets on all four feet. Your locker buddy can hold messages and pics. These are cute gifts to give at the beginning of the school year! Choose form a cat, monkey, frog and dog.

This is a great idea for jazzing up your school locker. The jeweled flower magnet is a cute locker accessory. This jeweled flower magnet comes in several fashion colors. You can choose from white, pink, purple, lime green, and aqua blue! Pick any of these colors to match the locker wallpaper! Great for hanging up memos or pictures of friends!

Locker shelves

Do you need more help organizing your locker? Locker shelves are a great way to make the most of your locker space! You can get your locker shelf in a double or single shelf version. The one to the right has a wire shelf, a matching mirror and storage cup. A customer states that this is a very useful set!

Locker rugs!

Yes, there are cool rugs made just for your locker. These Shag Rugs come in a variety of colors including black, pink, purple, aqua blue, and lime green! This rug fits the floors of most standard size lockers. But don't worry if it is too big, you can just fold it to meet the dimensions. It also has a non skid surface so it will not slide around the locker floor.

Locker chandeliers

Yes, you can have the look of elegance with a locker chandelier! These lights are motion activated so when your locker door opens you have light! They are battery operated and come in a ton of fun fashion colors! It comes in plain white, purple dots, black scroll and pink zebra! These locker chandeliers can match any of your locker wall papers or locker rugs! be sure to get yours now as they will be a hot seller!

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Ms Chievous 3 years ago from Wv Author

@ Happy girl, The only thing I can suggest is some type of sticker s or use tape and colorful scrapbook paper ( if allowed)

HappyGirl 3 years ago

This article i great but unfortunaly my locker is non-magnetic! Any Ideas on how to decorate non-magnetic locker?

TAY TAY 5 years ago


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Ms Chievous 5 years ago from Wv Author

Well Sis, I would say my website! Maybe I will try to improve it a little today.. :)

Sis 5 years ago

A lot of different people have these things online other than amazon and i dont know which website to pick any help?

Sydkat6 5 years ago

Thank you soooooo much for helping me! Now I am not like the people who have a plain old locker!!

natalie 5 years ago

i really like this but i have hard time in what should i pick

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Ms Chievous 5 years ago from Wv Author

Wow! I am glad to help make a sixth grader popular!

Claire 5 years ago

Wow! Thanks A lot! This really helped because I am in 6th grade and now I am really popular in school BECAUSE OF MY LOCKER. Thanks A bunch!

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GarnetBird 6 years ago from Northern California

This is interesting--I don't have teenage children, so I was unaware that lockers could be dolled up. Nice Hub!

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