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How to calm and communicate with your baby

I think no event in ones life having both JOY and the FEAR of becoming a parent for the first time. I also have that 6 months before. I cannot explain that joy through words here but i can share with you the fears i had gone through and how i'm handiling it.

Actually now a days we people are overloaded with the informations through Books, TV, Internet and by other peoples. So we are little bit confused*** Oh God... Which one is correct..??? Some says to feed like this. Some others says oh.. that is the wrong way. Some says Strained foods are not good. Some others says it is better to give strained food. Yes..... here we parents get hectic... Totally confused and helpless.


My Grand Ma And Me
My Grand Ma And Me

How I Handle It

Yes, i was also overloaded with information's and suggestions but my Grand Ma helped me a lot to over come from all those confusions. These are tips she had pass to me and which i'm following.

1. Take time to observe your baby and try to learn what he's trying to say. Every babies are different so it will not be good to follow others experience and care your baby like they cared theirs.

2. Every baby is a person who has unique personality, language and their own feelings- and they deserve respect like us. Please try to respect them. ( ex. Don't touch or take him to bath without asking to him).

3. Like elders, babies also don't like uncertainties. So follow their routine and don't make any drastic changes on their daily routine chart. It would also help you to find easily for what they are crying or any other sudden changes on him.

4. Always keep in mind that you want to make him an independent individual. Don't breast feed him before going to sleep( If you create this habit he will not sleep if his mother is not there). Don't take him on your hands always ( Take him when he is crying, after then tell him that you are there and put him back on his bed for playing). Like this there are so many things you want to take care about to make him an independent individual.

5. Spend as much time you can with your baby so you can learn more about him and can handle him with ease and fun.

Yes, I'm experiencing the truth what i had said above.... Now it is ease and fun to spend time with him. Hope all my dear parents can do the same and please let me know about your feedback. Go and have FUN with your BABY. 

To Know Your Baby

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