Make Your Kids Learn the Value of Money

Kids should be taught value of money

Kids  should  be taught value of money
Kids should be taught value of money | Source

Value of money

Kids Spend Pocket Money Lavishly

Today’s kids grow in an environment of liberal atmosphere. They are pampered at home and doled out lavish pocket money regularly by not only the parents but other relatives also. In addition to money, the kids demand whatever they want and get it! Once the kids grow to become boys, they start spending the pocket money lavishly with their friends and demand even more money. Parents concede their request. Once they become college students, vices automatically develop. They become alcoholics, heavy smokers, drug addicts and womanisers even before they come out of their colleges.

Pampering By Parents

If you analyse the root cause, it is the pampering of parents when they were kids at home. This small stem sprouts to grow as a big tree. Kids do not know the value of hard earned money. This later makes them as criminals and drug peddlers. They can even go to the extent of murdering anybody to achieve what they want. Today many chain snatchers from women in Chennai city are college students and even some school students.

Parents Are Ignorant Of Their Children

Today parents are interested in only multiplying their earnings and spending whatever earned lavishly. Many parents borrow heavily by using credit cards and pay through their noses. They neglect their children and do not even know what is happening at home. Thus the kids go unmonitored. Lack of realization of value of money leads to bigger troubles later in their lives. They thus become unfit for social life.

Teach the Kids Value of Money

What is the remedy for this? Teach your kids the value of money right from their young age. Give them money which is neither parsimonious nor liberal and make them spend usefully. Monitor how they spend the money. If they spend the money wisely, praise them. If they spend the money on unnecessary things, reprimand them and teach them the proper way of spending money. Under no circumstance you should give them extra money. Kids should realise that the money they get on 1st of every month should be managed till the end of the month. This will cultivate savings habit and make them to realise the importance of proper financial planning.

Kids Will Be Assets to the Parents

A kid who grows like this will be an asset to the parents. The child will help the parents conserve financial resources. The parents will also be happy to have such children. These children grow in life to occupy important positions in public life. Their conduct and performance are par excellence. They will neither be frugal nor spendthrift. They will be not only assets to their parents but to their schools, colleges and the organizations they join. Therefore parents should cultivate the habit of financial planning and make your children know the worth of money

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