Managing Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

Managing Down syndrome.

First off there is no known cure for Down syndrome. Scientists are only now just understanding the genetic causes and which genes when present are responsible for the characteristics of Down syndrome.

Much of the research is done using animals that model Down syndrome. Some clinical studies are being done on humans which include clinical trials and therapy . Regular health checkups should be scheduled to look for other conditions that may involve heart defects, gastrointestinal , vision, infections, hearing loss and other medical issues.

How You Can Help

A child with Down syndrome should never be excluded from any family functions and should be involved in community activities. They should never be left out. It is important to encourage and educate children with Down syndrome from the time they are born . Physical therapy and speech therapy prove to be extremely helpful . It is important for the interaction of a safe and supportive environment that includes all family members , community like school or church programs to help in the advancement into his or her full potential . Motor skills and speech are usually delayed and a good social network of learning is quite helpful . Although there development may differ in every child it is important to keep them interacting with others as learning difficulties will continue throughout there lives.

Things To Remember

To sum things up children with Down syndrome didn't ask for it. They should be treated as equals and allow them to grow as we grew, there immune system may be weaker and motor skills slower which could slow there development but without constant encouragement and positive reinforcement you will only be hurting the child you love.

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HubTub profile image

HubTub 4 years ago from The Sunshine State

You are very welcome! Looks awesome now!

GlstngRosePetals profile image

GlstngRosePetals 4 years ago from Wouldn't You Like To Know Author

Thank you so much.

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 4 years ago from Fife, Scotland

An excellent hub! Also glad to see there is someone else like me who forgets the 'capital' letters!!LOL! But this hub was very interesting and I agree that kids who have this condition should be treated like every other kid. They can and do live full and purposeful lives! Voted up!

GlstngRosePetals profile image

GlstngRosePetals 4 years ago from Wouldn't You Like To Know Author

HubTub. Thank you for pointing that out to me. The corrections have been made.

HubTub profile image

HubTub 4 years ago from The Sunshine State

Nice hub; however, you need to capitalize the word "down" in your hub. Down syndrome was named after British physician John Langdon Down, hence "Down" is a proper name.

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