Megamillion Baby

Laughing to the Bank, Baby

Viral exploitation or digital cookie sales for education? We are only a few steps away from plugging into the "Matrix". We have almost instant info at our fingertips. Once the bridge is designed to download directly to the brain, what will this marvel of tech be applied to? According to current use of the internet we might expect porn, social networking, and laughing babies.

Slap stick comedy has always been a big hit. And all to many wannabe jackasses are running up the digital stripper pole YouTube. In the sea of groin hits, lighting farts, and girl fights there is hope for mankind - The laughing babies!

Laughing babies are possibly the greatest measure of what we really like. Laughing is scientifically proven to increase positive biochemistry for improved health. While the major news networks desperately attempt to make every story sound like impending doom, laughing babies are viewed by the millions. Newsprint is being replaced by blogging. And as news is spun into opinion, the only trustworthy news is found in the setups of great comedy on "The Daily Show and The Colbert Report".

How do we measure the ethics?

Are the guardians putting their baby on You Tube a kin to pageant moms exploiting their children? Or, is it just a reminder of our genetic want to love and protect all babies. 


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