Memories count! Remember to video your children

A Story For All New Parents

Over the last few weeks my husband and I have been going through the painstaking process of moving all of our video from old digital dv tapes onto hard drives and dvds.

Whilst it has been a very time consuming process due to the nature of our old video camera, it has also been something of a labour of love. There was so much we had forgotten!

Since our two children were born we have diligently filmed the opening of their birthday presents, the birthday parties that they have had, and their reactions whilst opening their presents on Christmas morning.

What we have been less diligent about however, is the filming of them doing ordinary day to day activities. Now, ten years on, this is something that we deeply regret.

Don't let life get in the way...

Sometimes when you have small children you feel almost as if you don't have time to breathe. You may love every minute of it, but you can also feel fairly overwhelmed. 

In amongst this craziness of everyday life it can sometimes seem like there isn't time to go and fetch a video camera and take a moment to just film your child on a swing, or playing a gentle game with a sibling. Please believe me though when I tell you that these are the moments that you will treasure more than any others when they are older. 

Many times when my husband (the more diligent of the two of us) has reached for the video camera I have chastised him by saying "don't spoil the moment" I can see though that he was right and I was wrong. 

Even though my children are only 7 and 9 the videos of them as tiny toddlers are overwhelmingly adorable. 

Not my child- but cute nonetheless

The small things you forget...

The other day my husband and I sat there uploading a video and suddenly before us appeared our now nine year old daughter when she was only 18 months old. 

It was only then that we realised just how many tiny things about what she used to do that we had forgotten. Whilst she toddled along happily chatting to herself suddenly so much was shown to us that we thought was forgotten forever. How she used to say "Poppy sit down" instead of "I'll sit down", how she carried a small, frayed piece of cloth clutched in her hand at all times, and how her tiny, almost unintelligible voice was just the cutest, most adorable sound on earth. 

If my husband hadn't recorded this it would have been lost to us forever. We took photos, but the problem with photos is that there are so many things that they miss. The voices, the endearing turn of phrase, the nappy waddle that looks so, so much cuter 10 years on. 

There are things in the videos that we were too busy and tired to notice at the time and yet, now, with sleep and the passage of time are so dear to us. 

It also made us realise that in another ten years we will probably feel the same way that we do now about our children at this age. We had slipped recently in filming them but are now more determined than ever to start over again.

The moral of this story...

If there is any way you can tape your children regularly do it, and keep the video stored safely. Even the bits that seem a little dull and pedestrian now may be the treasured memories of the future. There are so many times that I wish that I had filmed and didn't. Don't let the same thing happen to you. 

The other thing to remember is that if you edit the videos and clip them together they make excellent Christmas and birthday presents for grandparents and other relatives and may also one day make the perfect 21st birthday present for your own child.

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