Mocha Butterfly Space Saver High Chair

I really like the idea of the Space Saver High Chair’s from Fisher Price but was wondering if it would live up to all the hype.  But I’m pleased to say that yes, not only does it look great, but it has some really awesome design features as well that makes it much better than a standing high chair.

My favourite design is the Mocha Butterfly design which is a dark brown background with pink, red and cream butterflies and flowers embroidered onto the back.  Obviously this design is quite girly and therefore would suit a girl baby instead of a boy, but Fisher Price does have a lot of other designs in the space saver high chair range.  I think if you are looking for a good boy design then you should go for the Scatterbug which is more blues and greens.

If you have a tight space in your dining area then it works great because it just sits in one of your spare dining room chairs (it’s very secure) so your little one can sit right up at the table with you.  I used to have another chair with legs, and while it was ok, it was hard to move around the room when you need to (sometimes I just need to turn my bub in another direction so I can sit opposite to her feed her properly and then move her back to the table while I’m eating).

It’s a cinch to clean and you can even put the tray table into the dishwasher if you want (although mostly I just wipe it over with a cloth and it does the job fast enough).  The fabric back rest is also easy to wipe clean, or you can remove it and throw it into the wash if you prefer.  I haven’t washed it this way yet because it cleans up good just by wiping it.

Another really good thing about it is that when we visit friends or relatives (the inlaws are always inviting us over to see the grandkids) it’s small enough to just throw into the boot of the car and take with us.

I’m really pleased with my purchase and because it’s quite a reasonable price (we purchased ours from Amazon and it was 10% off the regular price) I would recommend it to any new mom.

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