Motherhood - A blessing of life

Blessing of motherhood

Almost an year back, i was blessed with a baby girl and i stepped into the world of motherhood. And after an year, i am happy to be a proud mother of my little girl. I feel blessed when i see her smiling and happy. And here comes responsibility with blessing.

Being a mother is a great feeling in itself but it brings along lots of learning, responsibilities and love for the children. Everyday i learn new things, new recipes for my girl, new ways to play with her, search for new books and toys for her, new places to go with her. Each day i am learning so many things new. And after all this, when i see my girl smiling, happy and healthy, that fulfills my world. I feel to have been successful in my role as a Mother.

The blessing of motherhood makes me learn the importance of my mother to me. I become thankful to her each day for giving me the love of motherhood.

I try to give my 100% to my role of becoming a mother and just want to see my little girl happy.

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Nasrin 2 years ago

I liked what u wrote its the same thing I feel always I might borrow some of ur sentences ;)

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