A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "a womens work is never done"? Well that is so true in a sense. Before a women becomes a mother, she has only herself or a man to care about. But when she becomes a mother that all changes. She learns to become many occupations to their children. You know the saying "Jack of all Trades, Master of none". Well in this case, she becomes "master of all." They become the best employees in the universe. Motherhood is the most selfless act of giving of herself to another human being.

Mothers are Never Unemployed

When a woman becomes a parent she takes on many occupations to fill the role of motherhood. Let me explain what I mean by this.

Well for example, a mother becomes:

  • A Nurse, to care for a child when they are sick.
  • A Chaufeur, to drive the child places.
  • A Cook, to feed the child.
  • A Teacher, to help with studies and life lessons.
  • A Pyschologist, to council her child.
  • A Secretary, to arrange appointments.
  • A Financial Planner, to save for their future.
  • A Fitness Trainer, to get them in shape.
  • A Seamstress, to hem their clothes.
  • A Security Guard, to protect them from harm.
  • A Minister, to teach them faith
  • A Baker, for school parties
  • A Lawyer, to handle disputes.
  • A Role Model, the most important one of all.

So you see mother's take on many occupations in raising kids. Some skills they already know from life experiences or they just learn these skills as time goes on. Although they don't receive any pay for these skills, they are worth all the saleries put together.

Kudos to Mothers Everywhere

Kudos to all the mothers for all that they do. Especially, to mothers that have to work outside the home besides their full time job a home. We are the salt of the earth. God gave women the DNA to nuture and care for their offspring in such a way that makes us unique from men.

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kerlynb profile image

kerlynb 5 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

Certainly,kudos to the good moms all around the world! This hub just tells us how many moms work hard and how sometimes their work is never recognized nor compensated :(

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