Moving Home from College for the Summer

Every year, college students all over the country have to pack up their dorm rooms and head back to their parent's home for summer vacation. The amount of belongings accumulated by college students is generally more than will fit back into the parent’s house. So moving from the dorm room back to your childhood bedroom can be something of a challenge. One of the biggest logistical challenges is what to do with all of the stuff you've managed to accumulate throughout the year. Sagging couches, end tables, bookcases, desks, chairs, electronics and all of your other bulky apartment or dorm furnishings can't stay where they are all summer, so you'll have to find a place to keep them.

Self Storage – Not Just for Reality TV Shows

Private owners have been offering space to rent since ancient China but modern self storage units didn't become mainstream until the 1960s. Modern storage units offer amazing security and some surprising amenities. Some facilities offer climate controlled units for delicate items such as books, other papers or even electronics. High end units might cost a bit more but average self-storage units are available for incredibly reasonable rates and many of them offer special discounts for students, particularly over the summer break. If you're not too shy to haggle and want to try and score the best rate possible, be sure to ask if they offer a discounted rate or price break for

  • Military vet families
  • ROTC cadets
  • Enrolled college students
  • Paying up front
  • Paying with cash

You can also bring the price down by going in on a unit with a few friends. This works especially well if you're already roommates or if you're both planning on leaving and coming back around the same time.

Check With Local Movers

The best way to find out about private storage is talking to local, independently owned moving companies. Employees at one Winston Salem moving company always know the best places to store furniture and bulky items because they often work with these companies to coordinate larger moves for families who want part of their things brought immediately with others items left in storage until a few months have passed. Don't overlook the value of local knowledge – chat up a local mover and see where they recommend storing your stuff.

Raise Your Hand

Local colleges and universities sometimes also maintain their own storage facility for students to use. These services might come with a nominal fee and the security might not be as great as you'll find at a high end storage facility. But, if you're just looking for a place to store some lamps and a plaid couch, it could be your best bet. An added bonus is that the facility is usually on campus which means you won't have to lug your furniture as far.

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