Things to know about preschool children

Preschool stage based on the different Developmental stage Theories

A preschooler is a child 3 to 6 years of age.

Psychosexual Stage (Freud): Phallic - The child's source of pleasure is the genitals.

Psychosocial Stage (Erikson): Initiative vs. Guilt - The child is increasingly independent and gets along well with parents.

Cognitive Stage (Piaget): Stage II (Perceptual Intuitive Stage) of the Preoperational Thought Period - reasons can be given for beliefs and actions but considered prelogical and termed as preoperational intuitive thinking.

Moral Stage (Kohlberg): Preconvetional Level 1 Stage 2 - a stage of self-interest driven


Type: Associative or Cooperative

Age-Approriate toys: 

  • Housekeeping toys
  • Playground equipment (swing, seesaw, slide)
  • Tricycles
  • Watercolors, fingerprints, clay
  • picture/ Coloring books
  • Materials for cutting/pasting
  • Simple jigsaw puzzles, Lego

Greatest Fears

  • Castration fear / body mutilation
  • Fear of the dark

Behavior Traits

  1. They love to watch and imitate the behavior of adults.
  2. They are very creative and curious, that is why their favorite word is "Why"?
  3. Imaginary playmates are common among them.
  4. They love to tell "lies" and brag or boast in oder to impress others.
  5. They enjoy offensive language.
  6. They usually experience sibling rivalry.
  7. Masturbation may be seen in some

Physical Development

1. Three years of age

  • Pedal trike
  • Walks backwards
  • Climbs stairs
  • uses scissors
  • Helps dress Himself
2. Four years of age
  • Climbs and jumps well
  • Uses alternate steps when climbing stairs
  • Throws ball overhead
  • Brushes teeth
3. Five years of age
  • Runs and hops well; jumps rope
  • Skips; balances on one foot for 8 seconds
  • Ties shoelaces with bow/ribbon

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